Stinky Grooves 20.09.22

Stinky Grooves 20.09.22

Pianican Night Club (Souvenir Version) – Videotapemusic (180g bandcamp)
Frozen Tropics (Eski Dub) – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (No Type)
Untogether – The X-certs (Emotional Rescue bandcamp)
Glory To Sound – Cedric ‘Im’ Brooks (Studio One/Soul Jazz)
Madre Selva (Vinzoo Remix) – Huehue (Nu Latam Beats bandcamp)
Sabroso – Niño Francois (Mafia Tropical bandcamp)
Chiye Tanka – Gio Chamba (Mafia Tropical bandcamp)
Cuando me da la gana – El Keamo (Mafia Tropical bandcamp)
Descarga royal – Los Royal’s de Pucallpa (Repsychled bandcamp)
Santo Domingo – Pepe Velasquez Y Su Arpa Paraguaya (VampiSoul bandcamp)
Katita – Los Escorpiones de Tarapoto (Repsychled bandcamp)
Black Lights – Minus Group (Four Flies bandcamp)
La ketamine – Front De Cadeaux (Antinote)
So Sprach Psychedelia – Pyrame (Thisbe)
Running to the light in your eyes – Bad Meat Recording Ltd (Bad Meat Recordings Ltd bandcamp)
Circuit Rot – Pye Corner Audio (Pye Corner Audio bandcamp)
Pocket Disco – Pye Corner Audio (Pye Corner Audio bandcamp)
Ouvre ta bouche (Fabrizio Mammarella Dub)- Front De Cadeaux (Antinote)
Psychosynthesis (Crooked Man Psycrooked Extended Remix Part 1) – Greg Foat (Foundation Music)
Gijima – Sphephelo (Optimo bandcamp)
Sound Ov Thee Crowd – The Black Dog (Dust Store Digital bandcamp)
Free Floating High – Mano Le Tough (Live At Robert Johnson bandcamp)
1v1 – Coe (All Centre bandcamp)
V4.1 (Laraaji remix) – Luca Yupanqui (Sacred Bones bandcamp)
Hall of Mirrors – Sarah Davachi (Late Music bandcamp)
Sand And Stone – Skyminds (Not Not Fun bandcamp)
Night Ride – Coby Sey (AD 93 bandcamp)
Mud II – Catherine Graindorge + Iggy Pop (GLitterbeat bandcamp)
Starting Again – DJ Kappa Wam (B2BO bandcamp)
Business – Charles Stepney (International Anthem bandcamp)
Black Gold – Charles Stepney (International Anthem bandcamp)
Look B4U Leap – Charles Stepney (International Anthem bandcamp)
Cry Baby Cry – Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)
Uhuru – Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)
Absolvo – Clear Path Ensemble (Soundway bandcamp)
Lip Glow – The New Concert Orchestra (BBE bandcamp)
Hong Kong Night View – Videotapemusic (180g bandcamp)
Shonyudo – Hoshina Anniversary (Patience/Impatience bandcamp)
Congiuzioni – L.U.C.A. (International Feel bandcamp)
Slam is Slam – Front De Cadeaux (Antinote)

I did a Tribute mix for the incomparable Ramsey Lewis who passed away last week. He’s one of my all time favourites. Have a hoon.

Dubhead and myself are out at Hallertau this Sunday 12.30 to 4.30, always the best of the best them ones, cannot wait. Danny Lemon is up here on Saturday, will be LARGE! See you there.

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