Stinky Grooves 20.10.09 & The Weatherall Times pt 1

Stinky Grooves 20.10.09 & The Weatherall Times pt 1


Get Carter – Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Rhythm Collision (RSD Rmx) – Ruts DC (Echo Beach)
Natty Goat Rider – Ealzee
Fat Bird Dub – Ealzee
Freedom – Moody Boyz (Studio Rockers)
Kuff Kumbia – Sabo & Cassady (Bersa Discos)
Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Rmx) – Ancineto Molina ft Ghostface
Gota (El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) – Sekreto
La 3ra De Los Toquesitos – Sonido Kumbia
Colas-La – Claude Rolcin Et Le West Indian Combo (Soundway)
Oriza – King (Soundway)
Escape From Prism – Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (Ubiquity)
High Together – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Don’t Block The Box – Runaway (Clone)
The Indian – Pollyester (Permanent Vacation)
Through The Strata – Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Least Favourite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium Rmx) – Busdriver (Epitaph)
Kiss The Ring – Raekwon ft Inspectah Deck (Koch)
KunteKinteTarDiss – Juice Aleem (Big Dada)
Hard Rain (Messengers Rmx) – J.Period & K’naan
Alive (Nightmare) – Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx) – Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
Fall – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Tonewash – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Sister James – Dompteur Mooner (Super Tahoe Edits)
Nights Off – Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Direct Action – Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Sail We Must – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Dub We Must – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Major Heavy -Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Caution Site – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
This Is How We walk On The Moon (Bogdan Edit) – Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell
The Creeping Tings Of The Earth – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Herb Tree (Remix) – Collie Buddz
Get Carter (Cliff Brumby Rmx) – Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Creation Dubwise – Itopia (Basic Replay/Wackies)
Whiskey Dub – Jahmiga (Jahtari)
Villa Crespo – Dale Duro (Soot)
Evil Man – Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Come With Me – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)

I’m not entirely sure we have made enough of a fuss about the bountiful amounts of Weatherall that are flowering in abundance right now. Though I didn’t manage to play a track from it this week, the new Fuck Buttons album ‘Tarot Sport’ is a total mindbender, and it’s also something like only the second album (not his own) that he’s produced in the last 14 years or something riddiculous. If I were a doctor I would suggest that you need to visit your local crucial chemist or online supplier of beaty baked goods and get yourself a dose of that right nowest, repeat daily for as long as it takes.
Then there’s the ‘Andrew Weatherall Vs The Boardroom Vol 2’ compilation on the man himself’s Rotters Golf Club label, which includes ‘Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy’ (oh for a huge PA and open eared crowd to lay that on) and several other Slough-stained epistles, as well as some spineful technoid contributions from the various Boardroom banditos.
The really big one is ‘A Pox On The Pioneers’, the first album to appear under his own name, with a fair bit of vocal malarkey and lyrical largesse from Andrew (no longer Andy) himshelf. It’s a change-up, and a far more succesful one than his last vocal forays, for my money. The whole thing has a ring of ‘Sandanista’ era-Clash about it amongst many other flavours, not in a slavish way, in a way that puts a huge grin on my boat when driving around to it. That is a good thing.
I’m not going to wibble on about it too much – it’s a love it or can’t be bothered it with it scenario I reckons, and I’m personally down with anyone releasing a record that pushes out the borderlines on a two decade plus career and which forces folks to make a decision. I won’t lie, the music is so wickedly evocative and heartfelt that I’d dearly love to hear an instrumental version, but that is in no way demeaning the vocal content because I reckon he’s found his right spot amongst it, and some of the lyrics are straight out blinding, none of them are wasted. So with that in mind I’m going to post one of the wordy tracks, my suggestion is give it a few plays and don’t jump to quick conclusions. My other suggestion is buy all of the above and get in touch with your inner Rotter, your cerebral Swordsman and/or your pertinently placed Paradisical Sabre, You know it makes sense.
Keep this frequency open, I’m threatening a bit of inter-show posting, don’t really have the time right now but I’m just going to make it..because it must be done.. blah de blah.
Buy zee album direct or digitalis from Juno , no wax yet – boo hiss
Rottersweb (good podcast up at the mo, check heem)
Sterling Weatherall piece in the uniformly excellent Fact

The tashtacular Andrew looking ready to start a revolution.. an industrial revolution. Hang on… someone already did that.


Think we may have to do posts on them other releases, so consider this a gentle engine starter.


Hey Jim, thanks for including my Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Remix) in your latest show. Where can I hear it? Nice playlist!

Hey Ken
thanks for the comment and vibes, and more than that thanks for making a killer tune. Please drop me a line at and we’ll continue the conversation (and I’ll hassle you for more tunes!!)
nothing but the best on Stinky Grooves!!! respect to you for making the cut

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