Stinky Grooves 20.12.22

Stinky Grooves 20.12.22

Real & Regal (Illegal Version) – Bigga Bush (Tru Thoughts bandcamp)
現実とは反対に In Opposite Reality – Noda & Wolfers (Legowelt bandcamp)
エコーの儚き目的 The Transient Purpose of Echo – Noda & Wolfers (Legowelt bandcamp)
Drum Fashion – Black Jade (Corn-Fed)
奇妙な秋 Strange Autumn – Noda & Wolfers (Legowelt bandcamp)
Sapo – Nick Leon (Omnidisc bandcamp)
El pavo real – Chancha Vía Circuito + Meridian Brothers (Wonderwheel bandcamp)
The Inca’s Mystery – Pedro Apcho (Kirmana Records bandcamp)
Danza Emplumada – Tribilin Sound & Hanuna (Kirmana Records bandcamp)
Sin Gravedad – Roiju (Omnidisc bandcamp)
Gimme – Bitter Babe (Omnidisc bandcamp)
Egbert (Acid Pauli Remix) – Amount (Fienes Tier bandcamp)
Snow Ball – MTv (The Trilogy Tapes bandcamp)
Worm Regenerate (Eden Burns Remix) – Grecco Romank (Grecco Romank bandcamp)
Ricochet – Daniel Avery (Throne Of Blood bandcamp)
Falling Into Space (Edit) – Seahawks (Cascine bandcamp)
Feel It In The Heat – Sister System (Omnidisc bandcamp)
Midi Cooper (Tassilo Vanhoefen Remix) – A-Tweed (Fienes Tier bandcamp)
QQQ – Jascha Hagen (Oath bandcamp)
Go Way 2 – Product Toss (Out Of Sorts bandcamp)
Legacy from Leyton (Dayzero Remix) – Keita Sano (ROW Records bandcamp)
Dungeon – Romare (Romare Music bandcamp)
L7 Dream – Jascha Hagen (Oath bandcamp)
Galaxy Time – Seahawks (Cascine bandcamp)
Today I Learned What Makes Bugs Sick and How To Tie My Shoelaces – Dylan Henner (AD 93 bandcamp)
Subtle Thoughts – Lord of the Isles (Lapsus Records bandcamp)
Avaz-e-Del – Maral (Leaving Records bandcamp)
Ordain (Mercedes Cambridge Remix) – Grecco Romank (Grecco Romank bandcamp)
Spiral – Glenn Astro (Tartelet Records bandcamp)
Nightquest – Ramzi (Music From Memory bandcamp)
Words I First Saw – Valentina Magaletti (bié Records bandcamp)
Freddy’s Back (Primitive Ignorant Remix) – Japanese Television (Japanese Television bandcamp)
D.O.A – Baxter Dury (Heavenly bandcamp)
Henry’s Spacewalk – Mike Salta And Marty Mortale (Nu Northern Soul bandcamp)
Ebony Glass – Nancy Priddy (Optimum Sounds bandcamp)
The Center Will Not Hold (Lena Willikens Remix) – Solomun (N
Get To Work (Karl Steven Remix) – Grecco Romank (Grecco Romank bandcamp)
Rope Walk – Al Wootton (Trule bandcamp)

Incredibly sad to hear that Terry Hall is no longer with us today. I wanted to play a whole load of his music and I recorded it. Can’t say enough about how Terry Hall and The Specials are a vital formative spark in Stinky Grooves and its outlook. Here’s some of the music.

Happy holidays and thanks for your ears and support in 2022. Next week is a replay of last year’s Dub/Robbie Shakespeare Special and then a chop of the 31st Anniversary Bonus Round week following.

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