Stinky Grooves 21.01.14

Stinky Grooves 21.01.14

Why the Lemonyness above? Look below….

Perfect Imperfection – Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Real Talk – Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
When Mi Touch Her – Busy Signal (Warrior Chief)
Guide My Steps – Versatile (Warrior Chief)
Touch Di Road – I Octane (Warrior Chief)
Trust Them – Busy Signal (CR203 Records)
No Romance – Tifa (CR203 Records)
Selfie Riddim (Instrumental) – ZJ Chrome (CR203 Records)
Smooth Sailing ft. Mr Williamz – Major Lazer & Mungo’s Hi Fi (soundcloud)
Everything I Got AKA Gave You Everything – Garnett Silk (Penthouse/VP US)
My Favorite Song – Garnett Silk (Penthouse/VP US)
Ting Deh AKA Thing Deh – Nigger Mikey (Penthouse/VP US)
Puppy Love – Delly Ranx (12 To 12 Muzik)
Get Ready (Ticklah Remix) – Lady (Truth & Soul)
Las Cruces (El Barba Dub rmx) – Candelaria (bandcamp)
Por el suelo – Arturo Herrera dj (soundcloud)
Murio la flor – Arturo Herrera dj (soundcloud)
Lima – Pablo Crikta (soundcloud)
Desert Rider – El Guero Unico (soundcloud)
Cumbia De Avast – Enrikisimo Remixologo Tropikal (soundcloud)
Cumbia de Los Pajaritos – Arturo Herrera dj (soundcloud)
Saudades de Luanda – Os Kiezos (Analog Africa)
Olha o Pica – Africa Ritmo (Analog Africa)
N’ga Kunu M’butu – Muhongo (Analog Africa)
Avante Juventude – Os Angos (Analog Africa)
Deep Space Woman – Death Comet Crew (Diagonal)
Drag Racing – Death Comet Crew (Diagonal)
Disco Maghreb – El Mahdy Jr. & Gulls (bandcamp)
Last Time (Instrumental Version) – Moderat (Monkeytown)
Mike Black – Mo Kolours (One Handed Music)
Dystopian Vector Part One – Pye Corner Audio (bandcamp)
No End – Jaakko Eino Kalevi (Weird World)
Goodbye Fantasy (Rouge Mecanique Remix) – Bot’Ox (I’m A Cliche)
Topsy Turvy – The Sign Of Four (Jazzman)
Jumping Beans – – The Sign Of Four (Jazzman)
Electronic Rhythm Number Two – Pye Corner Audio (bandcamp)
R4 Dub – El Mahdy Jr. & Gulls (bandcamp)
GMO Hoes – Ras G (Leaving Records)
Super Bad!!!!!! – Ras G (Leaving Records)
Repelish – Mogwai (Sub Pop)
Constant Wrestle – Blackhoods (Not Not Fun)
Another Cult Goes Down (Portobello Road) – Killing Joke  (What Music)
Astawesalehu – Admas (African Heritage)
Natty Dub – Kaiju (Ruffcut)
Reload – Luciano & Louie Culture (Silly Walks)
Village Of The Underprivileged – Gregory Isaacs (Harry J)
Mischievous Dub – Dennis Brown (D.E.B. Productions)
Wicked A Wonder – Enos Mcleod (G.G.’s Records)

The reason for the citric quickly knocked-up imagery above is that this Friday at the Magic Roundabout we will be treated to a set from the mighty Danny Lemon between 8 and 10. Phenomenally excited about this, there is none finer than Danny and as for tunes, he has ’em… and then some. If you’ve got any sort of a passion for real reggae music put together the proper way then you owe it to yourself to come hither and check Lemon’s style and fashion…real deal! They’ve also got a new chef at Verona and the food is off the culinary hook so you know what’s not to love..see you there….

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