Stinky Grooves 23.02.16

Stinky Grooves 23.02.16

deck cola 2 lofi
Emancipation Garage – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Taqiya – The Woodleigh Research Facility feat. Youth (Rotters Golf Club)
Cebus (dub by Dubsalon) – Intiche (free @ folcore)
Semarang (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Shushupe (free @ folcore)
Travelling Instrumental – Beam Up (BBE)
Road Trip – Poirier feat. Dubmatix (NICE UP!)
Abyssinia Selasie (Short Version) – Muslimgauze (Staalplaat)
97 Miles – Jeb Loy Nichols (On-U Sound)
El Más Sincero Amor (Esta Personita) – Loquera Tradición (bandcamp)
Ser Consciente – Intiche (bandcamp)
Ritmo 001 – Tribilin Sound (soundcloud)
Selva Negra – Shushupe (free @ folcore)
Z’Enfant Misère – John Kenneth Nelson (Strut)
Mo Parrain – Christophe (Strut)
Rumba Para Parejas – Dieuf-Dieul De Thiès (Teranga Beat)
Into the Vortex – The Heliocentrics (Now-Again)
Outer Realms, Pt. 2 – The Heliocentrics (Now-Again)
void beat – Cavern Of Anti-Matter (Duophonic)
Water Bored – Steve Mason (Domino)
XXIX – El Capricho (soundcloud)
La Façon Dont La Machine Vers l’Arrière – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Höga Nord Rekords)
R2 Where R U? – Flying Lotus (World Records)
Poor Old Head – Ian Blevins (ESP Institute)
Brackstone Abroad – The Woodleigh Research Facility (Rotters Golf Club)
Phantom Liquidity – Cambo (Jheri Tracks)
24 – Not Waving (Diagonal)
The Wickerman – MEATRAFFLE (Trashmouth bandcamp)
Persia Rising – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Encephalomyelitis Disseminata – Cottam (Versatile)
E – Prins Thomas (Smalltown Supersound)
Aura (In Flagranti Remix) – Khidja ([Emotional] Especial)
La Façon Dont La Machine Vers l’Arrière (Al Lover Remix) – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (Höga Nord Rekords)
Lover of Love – Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn (Thirsty Ear)
The Gas Bottle – The Heliocentrics (Now-Again)
Enjoy Thy Flesh – Gut Nose (U.S.RECS)
Ritual – Illum Sphere (Ninja Tune)

Righto – Friday is the unusually usual Magic Roundabout hooha-happenings at Verona, do I need to say the times again? I thought not. On Sunday I’ll be jumping on the ferry and heading out to the Oyster Inn on Waiheke for an island style selection, the last one was a little scorcher if you’re over that way or considering it …please do pop by.. 3-6, tunes galore – you know the score!


yes, quite amazing the show, right from the rotters golf club thru to the meet raffle…i dunno…. it was just epic listening…and momentarily i found myself on an island….and well you know….north island…truly excellent radio, thank you Stinky Jim!


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