Stinky Grooves 23.06.15

Stinky Grooves 23.06.15

pigeon Moon en Brun web

God Inna Me Corner – Romain Virgo (Vikings)
Those Dayz – Buju Banton And Assassin (Gold Dynasty)
If you Are So Crazy For Me – Pinchers (Gold Dynasty)
Goodman – Delly Ranx And J. August (Gold Dynasty)
Come A Me – Delly Ranx (Gold Dynasty)
Join The Line – Elephant Man (Gold Dynasty)
Those dayz Instrumental – Gold Dynasty (Gold Dynasty)
Dub of Shadows – Natural Numbers (Stones Throw)
Every Man Get His Blessing – Natural Numbers (Stones Throw)
Ravers – Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Yardman – Unknown Artist (The Most High)
Hook (Jeep Mix) – BONY FLY (Sparring Partners)
Hook (Original Mix) – BONY FLY (Sparring Partners)
Mike III (Original Mix) – NS KROO (Sparring Partners)
Where’s The Bass – Jin Yerei (free from Fritanga)
Pa’ Bravo Yo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix) – Justo Betancourt (soundcloud)
Cumbia Wasp – Hyode (free from Fritanga)
Habanero Guaguanco – DJ Neber (free from Fritanga)
Watcha Willis (Rayador Remix) – Silly Tang & friends (free from Caballito)
Watcha Willis (Rayador Remix) – Silly Tang & friends (free from Caballito)
Deep Space Nine – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
Taste This – Ras G (Soul Jazz)
Rare Love – Reginald Omas Mamode IV (Soul Jazz)
Caramel – Tenderlonious (Soul Jazz)
Moonbuilding 2703 AD – The Orb (Kompakt)
Suis-je Normale (Sutja’s Edit) – Nina Raviolette (soundcloud)
Ding Dong Thing – Felix Laband (Compost)
Morning Side – Four Tet (Text)
Signalrod – Luca Lozano & DJ Fett Burger (Klasse Recordings)
Return To The Underground – Aybee (Soul Jazz)
Pacific Ocean Blues – CB Radio (100% Silk)
Becoming Nice – Burns & Hawk (No Label)
God’s Mirrorball – The Orb (Kompakt)

Busy busyness this Friday – after ye traditionale Magic Roundabout at Verona – usual times, different rhymes — and his Slave-lyness stepping up to Big Stuff’s slot for a 2nd week it’s a Club Sandwiching at Golden Dawn we will go. Always a treat to play with Cian and Guy, as it is with Dub and Slave – so come and get some treat-ment…Promise it won’t hurt..much.

club sandwich photo1

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great show on Tuesday…brilliant work and as always very interesting! thnx for all the hard work you put into those three hours.

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