Stinky Grooves 23.08.11 & totally Tourettesishness

Stinky Grooves 23.08.11 & totally Tourettesishness


Gwane Live Life – Cecile (Creative Noize)

Too Watchy Watchy – Collie Buddz (Upsetta)

Slow Wine – Busy Signal (Dutty Rock)

Dubbing Kingston – Alborosie (BBE)

Orbit Around The Moon (Noia Cumbia Remix) – Joe Meek (soundcloud)

Juanita – Bogote

Troposphere 5000 – Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)

Silbando (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) – Los Riberenos (soundcloud)

Linda Yolita (Los Titanes vs Sonido Cordobestia) – Dengue Dengue Dengue (soundcloud)

Chinito Rulo (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx)- Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (soundcloud)

Do It Now – Chong X (soundcloud)

One Of Life’s Pleasures – Paul White ft Danny Brown (One Handed Music)

A Weird Day – Paul White ft Homeboy Sandman (One Handed Music)

Indigo Glow (Instrumental) – Paul White (One Handed Music)

So Happy – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)

Let It Rain – Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)

UFO! UFO! UFO! – Alphabethead (Breakin Wreckwordz)

Everybody Loves Tourettes – Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)

Rotten Apples – Paul White (One Handed Music)

Mark Ernestus Meets BBC – Mark Ernestus (Honest Jon’s)

I See U – Lunice (Numbers)

Dickie Domecon – Faceplant (Bathetic)

The Day (Prins Thomas Rmx) – Mark E (Spectral)

San Dominico – Haunted Love (Round Trip Mars)

Motion – Balam Acab (Tri Angle)

Solitude Is Bliss (Time & Space Machine Rmx) – Tame Impala (Modular)

Black Wing – Clingtone (Clingtone)

Consciousness 1 – Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)

Sweet Slow Baby – The Field (Kompakt)

A Woman Is A Woman – LA Vampires Meets Ital (Not Not Fun)

Sunporch (Holy Other Rmx) – Walls (Kompakt)

Tesla (Omar Souleyman Rmx) – Bjork (One Little Indian)

Vostok – Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)

Impluvium – Sun Araw (Drag City)

Water 3 – Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)

Spider Man Dub – Errol T & The Matador (BBE)

Now that it has reached the point of errands to run after the show I may as well just even give up the pretense of writing anything more than the playlist for this blog.

Ah well…

By way of an apology, have a gander at the latest Tourettes viral vid (it’s all the rage as you’ll see) and even a free tune from Tiger Belly (but get onto it sharpish as it’s only free til the weekend!!)

I’m out

Free tune from Tiger Belly innit

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I enjoy the monologue during the show anyway 🙂 I’m wondering if the new bfm podcast “ability to replay whole shows” will apply to Stinky Groves? It would be incredibly awesome if it did!

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