Stinky Grooves 23.12.08 & some festering festive Chicha Libre

Stinky Grooves 23.12.08 & some festering festive Chicha Libre

Miracles – Mala (Deep Medi)
Triple 6 – Coki (DMZ)
Untitled Dub – F (7even)
Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Dream Cargo – LV (Hyperdub)
Nautilus – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Arc – Arcadion (DC Recordings)
Shipwreck Glue (Wes Coats Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Maja (Dub) – Cantoma (Claremont 56)
Bonat Synthesizer – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Lean Boot – Richie Davis (Unity)
Babylon In Helicopter – Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Buss It Pon Dem – Jahdan Blakkamore (Dutty Artz)
Hustle – Busy Signal (Birchill)
In The Streets – New Kingston
Day’n’Nite – Collie Buddz
Day’n’Nite (Williamsburg Greenpoint Brooklyn Rmx) – Joel Ortiz
Day’n’Nite – Kid Cudi (Mixtape)
Man On The Moon – Kid Cudi (Mixtape)
Swagger Jackson’s Revenge – Jay Electronica
The List – The Knux (Interscope)
Revenge Of The Nerds – Fulgeance (All City)
Spread The Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majic (Rotters Golf Club)
Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Le Sarge En Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Madre Epics Pt 2 – Mungolian Jetset (Lunar Flicks)
Don’t Close Your Eyes – James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
Cloud One – The Alps (Type)
We Ask You To Ride – Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Kanye West
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Martyn (3024)
One Ting (Dabrye Rmx) – King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Drop Bombs (Loudmouth Rmx) – Mz Bratt ft Griminal
Hungry Ghost – Filastine (JFX Bits #3)
Bad – Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Vancouver (2562 Rmx) – Martyn (3024)
Consume! Consume! Consume! – Cassette Boy (Barry’s Bootlegs)
Sonido Amazonico – Los Mirlos (Barbes)
Popcorn – Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Sorry We Ripped You Off Wes, RIP – Cassetteboy (Barry’s Bootlegs)
Vacilando Con Ayahuasca – Juaneco y su Combo (Barbes)

Wake me up when it’s done….

This weeks wee morsel from the show is a cover of Jean Jacque Perrey and Gershon Kingsley’s classic ballon-du-fromage ‘Popcorn’ by new school operatives dealing in old school vibes, Chicha Libre. Originally chicha is sufferers music from deepest darkest Peru (and surrounds) that takes a little bit of surfy psychedelic twang, and whacks it on top of a shuffling cumbia beat to sizzling effect. ‘The Roots Of Chicha’ was one of 07’s utterly essential discoveries, and I’ve subsequently managed to track down a few other bits and pieces that only increase the fascination, but this modern take is so meticulously done and beautifully produced, it avoids the pitfalls that so often plague these kinds of projects. There’s going to be a full chicha post soon, but in the meantime check this, and give some serious thought to investing in ‘Sonido Amazonico’, it’s a stunner (NZ readers can find it at Marbecks).
(Buy) from the label direct, we love that, go on…
(Barbes Records Site)

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