Stinky Grooves 23.12.14

Stinky Grooves 23.12.14

temple blue out radial
Sleep On It – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Man Next Door – Horace Andy (Not Bad)
My Guiding Star – Horace Andy (Not Bad)
Freedom Fighters – Delroy Washington (Virgin Front Line)
Looks Is Deceiving – The Gladiators (Virgin Front Line)
Cairo – Joyella Blade (Virgin Front Line)
A Who Say (Extended Version) – Sly Dunbar (Virgin Front Line)
I Need a Roof / Roof Top Dub – The Mighty Diamonds (Virgin Front Line)
Throw Away Your Gun (12″ Mix) – Prince Far I (Virgin Front Line)
Satan Fall – Sly & Robbie (Taxi Tabou)
To the Rescue – Sly & Robbie (Taxi Tabou)
Divinidades Andinas (Tribilin Sound Interpretation) – Miki González (soundcloud)
Multifactorial – Orihuela M.S.S. (soundcloud)
Vuelo Cruzado – Orihuela M.S.S. Ft Dany F (soundcloud)
Al Caribe Volvere (Galambo Remix) – Pernett (Cassette Blog)
B1 – Chicago Jim (Lobster Theremin)
Mandy (Mudd’s Extended Dub Mix) – Bison (Claremont 56)
J One M One (Andrew Weatherall remix) – Atari Teenage Riot (Digital Hardcore)
GUTS – Gazelle Twin (Last Gang)
Exorcise – Gazelle Twin (Last Gang)
Freaks (Ivan Smagghe version) – Richard Norris (Throne Of Blood)
Shelter Song (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – Temples (Heavenly)
Tea – Lil Jabba (Local Action)
Black ChristMass – The Eccentronic Research Council (soundcloud)
Christmas – The Liminanas (Trouble In Mind)
Christmas Sucks/This Holiday Season – Tom Waits & Pete Murphy/ Porn Orchard (DB Records)
Last White Christmas – Basement 5 (Island)
Black Christmas – Poly Styrene
Christmas Card – Skweekamouse (soundcloud)
Christmas A Come – Eek A Mouse (Greensleeves)
Locomotion (DLR reMMix by Mordant Music) – Donald Fraser (Mordant Music)
Das Bild – X² (Finders Keepers)
Grosse Cilindrate – Daniela Casa (Finders Keepers Records)
Super Strength (Power Plants) – Al Lover ft Morgan Delt (bandcamp)
A Process Of Growth Towards Light – Al Lover ft Morgan Delt (bandcamp)
Helensville – SJD (Round Trip Mars)

A merry very Christmarse to all and one. No Magic Roundabout for the next 2 weeks, that will be reviving on 09.01.2015. However I will be spinning the old year out from 6-9 on New Years Eve at the V, or more precisely on a bus outside Verona on K Road. After that Fever Collective (featuring Bennie Staples and Timmy Big Stuff) will be making their live debut and more….(I’m the lucky late addition so  no name on the poster for me…)



yes hullo…big props another excellent show! my goodness been such great shows week after week…amazing…would love a recording of that one! truly christmouse spirit and all that…cheers…gotta meet you one day…it would be interesting…anyway cheers!!

Indeed and the scorchulation has only just begun as far as that new SJD album goes (out March 13, 2015!!!)
Hold tight…….

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