Stinky Grooves 24.01.17

Stinky Grooves 24.01.17

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Bun Bun Bun – Roger Robinson (free)
Dog Heart City – Roger Robinson (bandcamp)
Bad Boy Stepping – J Star ft Ranking Joe (bandcamp)
News Carrying Dread (Mungos HiFi Remix) – Chronixx (free)
Diling Deng Riddim – Dubmatix ft Brother Culture (Dub Arc)
Obliterate (Part I) – Bukkha & Madplate Sound ft. Brother Culture (bandcamp)
Obliterate (Vibronics Remix Part II) – Bukkha & Madplate Sound ft. Brother Culture (bandcamp)
1313 (Tribilin Sound Remix) – Tomasa del Real (soundcloud)
El Botellon (Nicola Cruz Remix) – Grupo Naidy (bandcamp)
Sundance – Deela (bandcamp)
Obiero – Dandara (bandcamp)
22 Años – Rashid From Lima / Peruvian Chill Project † (soundcloud)
Five Demiurgic Options – Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold (Honest Jon’s)
9.11 (Dreamers) – King Britt (bandcamp)
Vase Of Flowers – The Holydrug Couple (bandcamp)
Operation Munich (Francesco Clemente Remix) – Vercetti Technicolor (Giallo Disco)
Mille Yeaux – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Trans Europa Express – Disappears (Sonic Cathedral)
Edit Service 75 – by Manfredas (soundcloud)
Squeeze The Trigger – Felix Laband (Compost)
Cirklar – Fatma (Höga Nord)
Quiet Village – Martinas And His Music Tropical (Trunk)
Mirror Mantra – Gilligan Moss (bandcamp)
Jungle Beats – Mythologen (Höga Nord)
The coasts of French Cornwall (Relecture by The Third Half Time) – Andrew Claristidge (Mille Feuilles)
Zenker Haze Trak – Skee Mask (Ilian Tape)
Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix) – Interstellar Funk (Berceuse Heroique )
Maxape – Carrot Green (bandcamp)
Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor (Luaka Bop)
I Feel So Wrong – Sleaford Mods (Rough Trade)
White on White – Daughn Gibson (bandcamp)
While Rereading Your Letter – Mick Harvey ft Sophia Brous (Mute)
Sa – Lota (bandcamp)
Zkittles – Hype Williams (free)
Haisai – The Durian Brothers (Emotional Response)
Chamada aos povos – Pigmalião (bandcamp)
What A Fire – Leroy Brown (Makasound)
Home Sweet Home – Bongo Herman & Les (Dub Store)
Live Together (Inst. Version) – Tinga Stewart (Virgonian)
Last Chance To Dance – Afrikan Dreamland (Triassic Tusk)

Quite odd.. and a first to pre-record the show from my West Auckland lair, hope it came out OK. I’ll be wrecking this mess at Love Bucket on Friday from 7-11 this week and once again big props to them for getting behind the show and 95bFM. Yikes almost forgot with putting the show together over the weekend the Rt Hon Dubhead and myself will be spinning like opiated dervishes at Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant for what has become a first rate monthly up there in bucolic Riverhead on Saturday afternoon 12.30 to 4.30ish is the go.


Indeed, “fake radio”, but I digress and will return to that shortly. So there I was driving my daughter and her friend to P J Harvey, just going up Manukau Road when the ‘Stinkey Jim’ show came on the radio at 7pm, Gosh I wonder who is doing the show this week as Mr Stinkey is away at the P J Harvey concert? Ha I said to my passengers, do look out for Stinkey Jim, he’s going to there as well. What does he look like they said. I said go to the new BFM web site and check the shows and DJ’s page. I wished them well and hope you enjoy it. Then I was headed back down Manukau road, turned the radio up….OMG its stinkey jim, but wait, he said he was going to be a P J Harvey….I was so monetarily confused, as if everything I had said to my passengers was fake. I stopped for a red light. Next Stinkey Jim says on the radio, he’s pre-recorded the show! My goodness, that answers those questions! I smiled to myself as the light turned green. How did the first eva pre-recored Stinkey Jim show sound? Perfectly fine. Sinkey Jim says not to botha trying to text or call him casue he aint there, he’s at P J Harvey, contact me some other way, some other day. I must say the shows this year for 2017 have been brilliant. Apart from the radio show, we have new digs for scientology in Grafton road, a new american president and new old prime minister, who is a catholic by the way. I dont think many woman are too pleased with 2017.

So yeah the fake radio was great and above all else, the excellent tunes, the dedication to pre-record a 3 hour show and the traffic lights. It was quite the thing.

saw…nick cave at vector the other week and now I have a “bad seed” T shirt, but daughter insisted that I buy it, for the triple meaning in the white lettering.


Salutations Snr WR
Thanks as ever for your open ears and kind spoutings. Really chuffed and not a little relieved that it came out sounding OK, I’m no engineer… but hey it’s 2017 – experts are dummies, ignorance is knowledge..right?!
Hope your bucket of water enjoyed Mz Harvey’s magnificence last night, that Nick Cave show was a bit special too – curious as to what can follow that 1-2 punch start to the year’s entertainment (1-2-3- with the Optimo fellers incredible set at Whammy actually if we’re getting numerical).
Thanks as ever for your vibes and whatnot

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