Stinky Grooves 24.05.16

Stinky Grooves 24.05.16

Bloof Urn lofi

Lamanai – Chancha Via Circuito (bandcamp)
Murió El Pescador – Vruno (bandcamp)
Ícaro Marirí – Mr. Toé (bandcamp)
Cuerpo Caliente I – Doma Tornados (bandcamp)
La Maya (El Búho Remix) – Paito y Los Gaiteros de Punta brava (soundcloud)
Everything – Alborosie ft Roots Radics & Pupa Avril (VP)
Generals – Musical Youth (Reggae Archive)
Bata Boy (Wrongtom Remix) – Lakuta (Tru Thoughts)
Same Thing Twice – Vivien Goldman (Staubgold)
Private Armies – Vivien Goldman (Staubgold)
Mar De La Eternidad – Arutani (bandcamp)
Harp Odyssey – Christophe (Because Music)
Indian Love Melody – Georges Rodi (Because Music)
Lavender – BADBADNOTGOOD ft Kaytranada (Innovative Leisure)
The Giant Spider Crab from Japan – Slow Steve (Morr Music)
Late Night Sketchy (Clinker Remix) – Girobabies (bandcamp)
Cloud 9 (Weval Remix) – Kasper Bjorke, Urdur (HFN MUsic)
Cuerpo Caliente III – Doma Tornados (bandcamp)
Bamboo Tropical – Montoya (bandcamp)
Neleka – Nixtamal (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
El Palteado – Shhjjjjjjj (bandcamp)
Amparito Roca Remix – Akilin (Hawaii Bonsai bandcamp)
Kuiper – Floating Points (Pluto)
People Person – Dieterich & Barnes (LM Dupli-cation)
Teddy Bears Picnic (The Big Gay Bear RADIO Bootie) – Mojo Filter ft. The Henry Hall Orchestra (soundcloud)
Cemalim (Timboletti Edit) – Erkin Koray (soundcloud)
The Dynamic Energy – TCP (Disco Halal)
Zoko AM3 – The Lines (Acute)
Pop Corn (Instrumental) – Anarchic System (Because Music)
Kostas – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
Philae lands on Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko – Dieterich & Barnes (LM Dupli-cation)
I Had A Dream – 5Revolutions (Now-Again)
Dolmenzoo – DJ Ground (Multi Culti)
Boosha Gdola – Red Axes (Multi Culti)
Cristal No. 3 – Moon Birds (Because Music)

Verona on Friday 5-9, Manny to follow..hows about them apples… Had some lovely texts and calls tonight (thanks!) and I’m super chuffed that the new timeslot is agreeing with some folk and perhaps drawing in a few new listeners who may be getting exposure to some fresh sounding slugs for the lugs. Cheers……

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