Stinky Grooves 25.10.16

Stinky Grooves 25.10.16

1538 Dub – Kambo Super Sound (Sex Tags Amfibia)
Glorify Dub Version – Vibronics (bandcamp)
Giddy Up – Sticky Joe ft Horseman (bandcamp)
Show Down – Dubmatix ft Tenor Fly (bandcamp)
Melbourne Girls – SK Simeon & Naram (soundcloud)
Rebel Danc – Don Papa (Sex Tags Amfibia)
My Favourite Galaxie 500’s Songs (Titanik remix) – Peninsula Fernandes (bandcamp)
Cholula _ DJ Caution (soundcloud)
Porro Bonito – Curt Powell (soundcloud)
24 años de decepciones – Orihuela M.S.S. (soundcloud)
La Voz del Sinchi – Bareto (bandcamp)
Apolo – El Remolon (Fertil Discos)
Basquiat on the Draw – Apollo Brown feat. Conway & Westside Gunn (bandcamp)
Scared Money – Nx Worries (Stones Throw)
Pleasures In Measures – Cherrystones (PZYK)
Choci Loni (jwf dizzy rework) – Young Marble Giants (soundcloud)
Perfect Coffee – Kate Tempest (Lex Records)
Sisters (Boards of Canada remix) – Odd Nosdam (Leaving Records)
Relaxed Lizard – Soft Hair (Domino)
Chamada (Matanza remix) – P.r.Λ.Λ.H (bandcamp)
The Confidence Man (Sons Of Slough Remix) – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
C (I:Cube Remix) – Prins thomas (Smalltown Supersound)
Henry McCullough – BP Fallon & David Holmes (Late Night Tales)
Ten Beers with Five Bears at Two Guns, Arizona – Roy Montgomery (Bada Bing)
Tropic of Anodyne – Roy Montgomery (Bada Bing)
Garden of Love (Lundi Mouillé Andrew Weatherall Remix) – The Limiñanas (Because Music)
The Woods – The Limiñanas (Cougouyou)
Waiting For a Surprise (Von Party vs Red Axes Remix) – Red Axes (Multi Culti)
Oleic – Kelly Lee Owens (Smalltown Supersound)
Thirteenth Night (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) – Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Extended Dance Mix – Fujiya & Miyagi (Impossible Objects Of Desire)
Talk Me Down – Luis (1080p)
Inner Outer (Toulouse Low Trax Radient Walk Remix) – Rodion & Fabrizio Mammarella (Les Disques De La Mort)
Studie V (Grand Optimist Remix) – Grandbrothers (FILM)
Evocation In Desert Ruins – Don’t DJ (Berceuse Heroique)
The Inventor – The Limiñanas (Cougouyou)

This Saturday Dubhead and myself will be spinning some righteous rhythms at the Hallertau Brewery & Restaurant up in Riverhead from around 12.30 to 4.30ish, last time was a gas and there will be more before the end of the year. Will also be selling off a whole heap more vinyl at the Record Fair in Freemans Bay on Saturday morning too (starts at a scary 9am), bargains, rarities, bollocks, a bleary eyed couple not normally to be found at that time etc etc Verona? Well your guess is as good as mine, I will be playing there on November 19th apparently…

Lots to get amongst below and above, don’t let me stop you.


Good evening…

that was a nice show

my legs are still twitching like a frog…or did i dream that?


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