Stinky Grooves 26.05.15

Stinky Grooves 26.05.15

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Healing Of The Nation – Patexx (Kirkledove)
Jamaica International Dance – Beres Hammond (VP)
Reggae Make You Rock – Busy Signal (Turf Music Entertainment)
Love You More – Busy Signal & Mink Jo (Turf Music Entertainment)
Feel Like Skank – Lutan Fyah (Turf Music Entertainment)
This Time – Mr. Diamond (Turf Music Entertainment)
Propoganda – RC (Turf Music Entertainment)
Stick by You – Romain Virgo (Turf Music Entertainment)
Buttering – Hawkeye (Weedy G Soundforce)
Instrumental Gyal – Ras Attitude (Weedy G Soundforce)
When We Fall – Jahwil (Weedy G Soundforce)
Ghetto Boy – Stephen Marley ft Bounty Killer & Cobra (Ghetto Youths International)
First Light (Wrongtom Dub) – Django Django (Because Music)
We Nah Fruity – Bugle (Pure)
Look A Gal – Baby Boom (Pure)
Blaze Up Di Trees – Delly Ranx (Pure)
Instigator (Dub) – Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell (Optimo Music)
Dub Mammoth – Digital (Lion Charge)
Pink Sky – Holögrama (Trouble In Mind)
Like A Hawk (D.B. Version) – Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell (Optimo Music)
The Casual Tentacles Of Dub – The Casual Sexists (Rongorongo)
Illusionary Atmospheres – Scalper (Like Water)
Perfume – Scalper (Like Water)
roc marciano riff suite 1 – scallops hotel (bandcamp)
bookoo bread co – scallops hotel (bandcamp)
Opera Hands – Black Opera (soundcloud)
Sound Of Baloo – Boot & Tax (Optimo Music)
Al-Mallahat (Salt Pans) – Maurice Louca (bandcamp)
Techno Disco – Kerrier District (Hypercolour)
Not Alive Yet – Marcos Cabral ft Suzi (L.I.E.S)
109 BPM – I:Cube (Running Back)
Witness The Fuxness – Moody Good (bandcamp)
Trezz – Cankun (Not Not Fun)
Cast Upward, Through The Waves, A Ruby Glow. – Vox Low (
Good Fela – Boots & Tax (Optimo Music)
Obvs – Jamie XX (XL)
The Green Mill – Moody Good (bandcamp)
Concorde – The Holydrug Couple (Sacred Bones)
Malukayi – Mbongwana Star ft Konono No. 1 (World Circuit)
Tarraxo Electrico (RMX de DJ Maboku) – DJ Lilocox (Warp)
Saturation (Full Rinse) – Ekoplekz (Planet Mu)
You’re A Liar – Instant Fantasy (bandcamp)
In Your Head – Holögrama (Trouble In Mind)
Antenne Dub – ORESTT (bandcamp)
Abnormal Restriction – Jlin (Planet Mu)

The Roundabout will be Magical on Friday, it is you know, bloody magick…proper spooky and all…I will be waving the widdum wand and pulling rocking rabbits out of the metaphorical hat from 5, His Royal Dubness from 9, Snr Grande Stuff midnight on. It’s a long weekend so this would be a medically proven and clinically try-harded way to guaranteed start it right, promise! Apart from that keep an eye on the soundcloud because I’ve got some tunes that are fit to drop, if I could just stop being such a hopeless nanafication syndromist and unleash them into the atmosphere. Just quietly – feeling a bit of a mix coming on too, maybe one vinyl/one digital because I’ve pulled out a few almost forgotten gems from the wax mines recently and some of the gear I’ve been running of late (Vox Low, those new Optimo bits tonight and recent Multi Culti matters etc etc) that are just asking for it!


Damn, missed Stinky Grooves last night. Would it be difficult or just crazy to record the show and put it up on Soundcloud? It wouldn’t substitute for the Tuesday night ritual, but for missed shows and relistens it would be utterly fantastic. The bitrate of the 95bfm bcasts really doesn’t cut the musical mustard.

Well I better take the previous comment back. I just downloaded the latest Stinky Grooves and it’s now at 128kbps instead of the 32 it was last year! It’s exponentially better! Stinky Grooves on Soundcloud would still be cool but hey, my sincere thanks, Jim’s invariably stunning selections on the new bcast format sounds great.

Hey Robin, thanks as ever for the mails and eager ears and all that. I passed your mail onto the powers that b @ bfm because I think it’s vital that they appreciate that these things are important to listeners. So big thanks to you geez.

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