Stinky Grooves 26.06.18

Stinky Grooves 26.06.18

fire flip 1 lofi

Slay – Miss Red (Pressure)
Dagga – Miss Red (Pressure)
Everything2Me / GunInnamiHand – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL (Liquorish bandcamp)
Fade Away – Mo Kolours (One Handed bandcamp)
Isle of Horns – The Orb (Cooking Vinyl)
Ex Machina – Cigarra + Mercedes (Tropical Twista bandcamp)
Tu No Me Vas – Cigarra + Nosotras (Tropical Twista bandcamp)
Pogo Logo – Sascha Funke (Mule Musiq)
The Sun is High (Solstice Version) – Feon (soundcloud)
Chaos & Systems – Sundays & Cybele (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond bandcamp)
Fortirer et Recte – Rex Ilusivii (Versatile bandcamp)
Dry Eyes – O$VMV$M (Idle Hands)
Enter The Field – SOCCER96 (Slowfoot bandcamp)
Vibeless – O$VMV$M (Idle Hands)
9828 – Yoshinori Hayashi (JHERI TRACKS bandcamp)
Angela – John T. Gast (Not On Label)
Ashmadai – Coobe (Rotten City bandcamp)
Alegría – Chancha Vía Circuito (Wonderwheel bandcamp)
Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) – Kelly Lee Owens (Smalltown Supersound bandcamp)
Melamed – Afriqua (R&S bandcamp)
Listen To My Beat – Dionigi (Rotten City bandcamp)
A New Real – Stuart A. Staples (City Slang)
Fort Buelah 004 – Fort Buelah NU (Fort Buelah NU)
Nzuku- Arp (Mexican Summer bandcamp)
Say You Love Me Too – Jonathan Bree ft. Clara Viñals (Lil’ Chief bandcamp)
The Scribe – SOCCER96 (Slowfoot bandcamp)
One Way Traffic (Long) – The Grid (Moog Recordings Library)
Striking Depths – Temple Ov Saturn (Temple Ov Saturn bandcamp)
En La Oscuridad – Daniel Maloso, Red Axes (Comeme)

Only 29 songs, that might be a record, big up the bigguns. I’ll be flinging em down at Love Bucket, Friday from 7.


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