Stinky Grooves 27.01.09 avec le Fugeance, das Rhythm & Sound and va Bug & Warrior Queen…stackered!

Stinky Grooves 27.01.09 avec le Fugeance, das Rhythm & Sound and va Bug & Warrior Queen…stackered!

Flying – The Bug feat Ricky Ranking (Ninja Tune)
Insane – The Bug feat Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune)
Things Change – Warrior Queen (Soul Jazz)
Mind How You A Talk – Riko Dan & The Heatwave (Heatwave)
Spliff Tail – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Priority – Assassin (Jukeboxx)
Warzone – Peetah (Jukeboxx)
Love Is Lovely – Beenie Man (Jukeboxx)
Not For No Chain – Collie Buddz
Dem Nah Have – Bling Dawg
Nah Ansa – Busy Signal
Walk Wid Dem Casket – Mavado & Flex
A Fine Line – Luke Vibert (Speed Of Sound)
Revenge Of The Nerds – Fulgeance (All City)
Low Club Anthem – Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Tk 3 – Hudson Mohawk (Warp)
The Illumanoids – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Ghost Feeder – Aracadion (DC Recordings)
Never Tell You – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Never Tell You Version – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Spend Some Time – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Calypso On-Seng – Dubdub On-Seng (Japonica)
El Borrachito – Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Un Sobado Por la Noche – Manzanita
Tres Pasajeros – Chciha Libre (Barbes)
Over Here – Shackleton & Peverelist (Skull Disco)
Clunk Click Every trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
The Lie – Zomby (Ramp Recordings)
Lips (LV Rmx) – Micachu
Tk 2 – Hudson Mohawk (Warp)
Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Kanye West
Conservation Of Momentum – Euler (Codek)
Hagler – Jay Electronica feat Che Grand
Move On – The Kickdrums ft Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9” & Crooked I
The Mayor – N.A.S.A. ft Ghostface Killah, Cool Kids, Scarface & DJ AM
Come Closer (Kicks & Clasp Edit) – Onra (Favourite)
Ride My High (Joakim Edit) – JJ Cale (Dirty)

Plucked from the carcass of this weeks show is a saucy slab from French meatbaker and beatmaker, Fulgeance. There’s so many young doods coming up with their own fermentation of ‘le wonkee ip-op’ that it’s getting hard to keep up. Fulgeance, who really came to my attention with his superb remix of DC Recordings artist Kelpe, has definitely got his own funky and frantic flavour, and I’ve been getting a lot of milage from his Musique Large releases. This little nerdualating noodle of niceness comes from All City’s highly recommendable 7″ series, that also featured our Parisian ami Onra and many other Akai adventurers with a skip or ten in their step. Have a listen, fall in love with the intro and general wobblyness and then go buy while you still can..That’s an order!
(buy) from Boomkat or All City


And NZ bloggees don’t be forgetting this weeks overly-laden live largeness from the Bug, Warrior Queen, Rhythm & Sound and Tikiman….. it’s going to be enooooooooormous.
that tune! POISON DART

lots of really bad sounding live vids of Tikiman and R&S on yoohootube, but sod the images and soak up this instead. Those first couple of 10″s sounded frighteningly wicked tonight. Reminded me of when Burnt Friedman would come up to do live sets on Stinky Grooves and Tranquility Bass and we’d just run endless Burial Mix 10″s and related gear for an hour or so after Burnt’s own mindblowing singingely supersonic sets…..thems really was the days/daze.

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