Stinky Grooves 27.01.15

Stinky Grooves 27.01.15

indo oz drivein walk through blu

Nothing Is Impossible (12″ Mix) – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Jah Ho Ja – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Detour (12″ Mix) – Inturns (Pressure Sounds)
Media- Khari Kill (Black Roots Music)
On the Loose Again – Chezidek (Black Roots Music)
Waking Up – Amenehet (Black Roots Music)
Overloaded Truck – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Blue Wax – Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Rock With You Baby (Dub) – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Love Addis Ababa – Dub Syndicate (Echo Beach)
Make A Joyful Noise – Singers & Players (On-U Sound)
Dub Foundation – DJ Madd (Roots & Future)
Every Little Thing – DJ Madd (Roots & Future)
Butter [Yelram Selectah Remix] – Lafawndah (soundcloud)
Revolucion Caliente – Dr Paniko (soundcloud)
Polleriat Colorada Remix Lesglobe-iss – Mercede Sosa (soundcloud)
dead albatross – Psymun feat Chester Watson (bandcamp)
Bad Place For A Good Time – Kate Tempest (Big Dada)
Banani – Psymun (bandcamp)
Fuck Bush – Psymun (bandcamp)
diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13 – Aphex Twin (Warp)
Out West – Secret Circuit (Emotional Response)
Body Lotion – HTRK (Sleeperhold Publications)
Wide Awake – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Western Vinyl)
Glass – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
Vortex – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Ride – Gaussian Curve (Rush Hour)
Stunts – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (Western Vinyl)
I Like Disco (The Emperor Machine Remix) – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)
Metallik Cages (Acid Arab Remix) Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Aromobates NDB – Ninos Du Brasil (DFA)
Psychedelic Revolution – Julian Cope (Lord Yatesbury)
Green Eyes (Music Blues) – Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones)
Song To The Siren – Amen Dunes (Sacred Bones)
In The Desert – Dreems (Multi Culti)
Night – John Carpenter (Sacred Bones)
Impossible Island – Gaussian Curve (Rush Hour)
Take Your Time – Lonely Boy (Futureboogie)

Well last weeks record selling at Southbound’s spanking hot new store opening was a lot of fun, a veritable gas in fact. That new shop is a corker and I can see quite a few of my hard earned shekels going on some of the luxuriously waxy and wonderful items they have on display.
Like a weekly confessional or seven day visit to the sweet shop the Magic Roundabout with Dubhead and yours truly will be flavourizing Friday at Verona from 5. Get some in you ‘orrible lot…..

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