Stinky Grooves 27.08.13

Stinky Grooves 27.08.13

flower rock

Another Lonely City (Group Rhoda Remix) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Clash of The Titans (Kahn Remix) – Ishan Sound (Peng Sound)
Medusa – Gorgon Sound (Peng Sound)
Billy Goat Riddim – Naram (soundcloud)
Reza Por Mi – ATROPOLIS ft Lido Pimienta (Cumba Mela)
Adjust – ATROPOLIS (Cumba Mela)
San Cristóbal – Banda Santos (soundcloud)
La Cumbia Soba – Los Corraleros De Majagual (World Music Network)
Luz De Cumbia – Aníbal Velásquez y Su Conjunto (World Music Network)
Dame Tu Cariño – Los Destellos (World Music Network)
Fiesta En Corraleja – Los Caporales Del Magdalena (World Music Network)
Danza Negra – Gerardo Sanson & Fred McDonald (Zeida)
Pesma Šeher Sarajevu – Esma Redzepova (Ashphalt Tango)
Djelem, Djelem – Ansambl Montenegro (Ashphalt Tango)
Mangala – Trajko Ajdarević Tahir (Ashphalt Tango)
Ramu, Ramu – Muharem Serbezovski (Ashphalt Tango)
Žanino Kolo – Medo Čun (Ashphalt Tango)
2 – Dean Blunt (free)
5 – Dean Blunt (free)
6 – Dean Blunt (free)
Black Acre (Chris Carter Rmx) – South London Ordnance ft Brolin (Aery Metals)
Gunshotta – Machinedrum (Ninja Tune)
Innervision – Free The Robots (Elsewhere Studios)
One Minute’s Silence (Wooden Shjips Rmx) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Later Flowering Lust (Phil Kieran Rmx) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
We Are The Axis (Daniel Avery Rmx) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Be Slow – James Booth (100% Silk)
Don’t Take Me Away From You – Larose Phillips (Goldisc)
Wanted – Larose Phillips (Goldisc)
When Allah Came – Zespół Instrumentalny Marka Sewena (Pronit)
The Girl From Orbit In Dub – ROSCO aka Sterling Roswell (bandcamp)
2040 – Free The Robots ft Jon Wayne (Elsewhere Studios)
Dimension X – painspeople (bandcamp)
Siegfried & Roy – Position Normal (Front & Follow)
Modular Splash (Factory Floor – NVC Remix) – South London Ordnance (Aery Metals)
Monte Verita – Kelpe (DBA Dubs)
Beglammered (Richard Sen Rmx) – The Asphodells (Rotters Golf Club)
Freight Night – VHS Head (Front & Follow)
All Is Well… – Ras G (Brainfeeder)
Kool FM – Four Tet (Text)

As ever Magic Roundaboutizing this Friday at Verona from 5-9 then Dub will be going 9-1 – best tunes and good times for all. Been yet? If not then this could be your week. Sunday it’s Tyler Street Garage, usual scenario moi from 3-5, combination styles from 5-7 then Dub from 7 onwards – what could be more Sunday than some top ranking rhythms and heartical chants to see the week out?? Nothing, that’s what! It’s free, and there’s munchworthy materials and sipping libations..yowza.

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