Stinky Grooves 27.09.16

Stinky Grooves 27.09.16

Black Noise Interlude – Adrian Younge (Linear Labs)
Control – Ossia (Berceuse Heroique)
The Concept of Love – Adrian Younge (Linear Labs)
Smouche – Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Sweet Home – Willi Williams (Dug Out)
House of Sin (Remix) – Lee “Scratch” Perry (Megawave)
Escape Goat Dub – Dennis Bovell (Optimo)
Amagideon Dub – Solomonic All Stars (Dub Store)
#EPN in cumbia – Agustinsoundsystem (soundcloud)
La Pelota – El Remolon (Fértil Discos)
Boumpam – Aris San (Fortuna)
The Last Ride – JP Moregun (free)
Winner Seat – JP Moregun (free)
English Channel – JP Moregun (free)
Fronto Kings Freestyle (db, escrow) vip – Babyfather (soundcloud)
Brian – RüF Dug (Rüf Kutz)
Glade Runner (Tolouse Low Trax Remix) – Wolf Müller & Cass. (International Feel)
Cobra Kush (Peter Power Remix) – Von Party Naduve (Multi Culti)
Ubi Sunt – Sutja Gutiérrez (Rotten City Files)
La Grua – Sano feat. DJH (Cómeme)
Chugglers in Crime – Bedford Falls Players (Night Noise)
Nothing Matters – Silver Apples (Chicken Coop Recordings)
Into each others eyes – The Caretaker (bandcamp)
No – Nicolas Jaar (Other People)
La cumbia lucha – Sonido Mamalón ft. Bacatos 0.0 (soundcloud)
Information – Ossia (Berceuse Heroique)
Kariwa – Lamont (81)
Reverence (Drum Meditation) – Auntie Flo (Mule Musiq)
Three Sides Of Nazareth – Nicolas Jaar (Other People)

This Friday at Verona it’s the old firm, Dubhead and myself, I’ll be doing the early burlys as ever……. Right old bundle tonight eh, near took the top of my head off!

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Evening, a day later…

nice show…but mostly I have been consumed Colin Craig and the defamation case…I am not even sure who has pants on…anymore…but checkpoint sure ruined tat vision….exclamation mark…some great samples in that defmaychun case…i was just wondering about breasts out loud….well man listening to fuckn with Matt the day after the 199th universal harmony show that used to cum on after midnight but cums at 10….exclamychun mark…

and all we are left with is fuckn with the matt the next day…and I hate two johns every god dam nite….

i suppose…Colin Craig


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