Stinky Grooves 28.02.17

Stinky Grooves 28.02.17

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Shadow – Erick Legrand (bandcamp)
Reaga – Erick Legrand (bandcamp)
Darkheart (Major Force Remix) – Bomb The Bass (Island)
Chiraq Iraq – Toshio Nakanishi & Kensuke Shiina (?)
38 Billion Dollars More – Toshio Nakanishi & Kensuke Shiina (?)
My Mate Paul (Major Force Remix) – David Holmes (Island)
Ghetto Life – Busy Signal (Stainless)
Cool And Deadly – Vybz Kartel ft Ky-Mani Marley (TJ Records)
Don – ‪Deep Jahi (TJ Records)
Reflect & Rise – Aketi Ray (Steppas)
Gun Law -Sherwood & Pinch (On-U Sound)
Lies – Sherwood & Pinch (On-U Sound)
Guazú -GUAZÚ (bandcamp)
Mamãe, Coragem (El Buho edit) – Gal Costa (soundcloud)
Que Me Duele? – Quantic & Nidia Góngora (Tru Thoughts)
Bomba Africana – Fruko (Vampi Soul)
Mdomo – Tanzania Soundsystem (Highlife)
Maruno – Addison Groove (Groove)
Water – Mori-Ra (Berceuse Heroique)
Where Is The Champion? – Timothy J. Fairplay (Charlois)
Fact 67 – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
UFO Paycheck – The Brian Jonestown Massacre (A Recordings)
Diamonds in Cups – Wire (Pink Flag)
Black Eyes -Cobalt Chapel (Klove)
Ciao Bella – Golden Fleece (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Telefuture – Jamie Paton (Hoga Knord)
Perseus – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
She Hunts At Night (Clesse Remix) – Pye Corner Audio (More Than Human)
MPCDEEPLIVEDIT – Kassem Mosse (Out To Lunch)
Danza de Vision – Nicola Cruz (Multi Culti)
Jungle Mo – Kraut (bandcamp)
FM Pirate Cemetary Mystery – Timothy J. Fairplay (Charlois)
Charger -Sherwood & Pinch (On-U Sound)
VOLUME – TEKLIFE feat. DJ Paypal (Teklife)
Forest Lore – Black Point (Out To Lunch)
Betelgeuse’s Endless Bamboo Oceans – Clap! Clap! (Black Acre)
Decade Counter (Cloudface Remix) – Pye Corner Audio (More Than Human)
NGC1265 – Ghost Culture (Phantasy)
NU PACMAN – TEKLIFE feat. DJ Taye (Tek Life)

Playing at Love Bucket this Friday 7-11, cannae wait. Apologies for the palavering at the start of tonight’s show, a perfect storm of techno-illogical night-mehs – took the shine off things to be honest – 3 hours of fraught nervousness will do that to you. At least that allowed a couple of tunes from the smouldering Erick Legrand album to show up a week early, they were the last things I’d listened to on my journey to the station and so the first things that came up on me device when the computer and desk were playing silly buggers. More from that next week. Very sad about the passing of Toshio Nakanishi, if you aren’t familiar, then now would be a good time. I’ve played his music since the dawn of  Stinky Grooves (and Tranquillity Bass with Kirk too, man we loved those Major Force West 12″s and other odd items scooped up from Honest Jons at no little expense on runs back to the WhoKay)  and he has rarely disappointed. Always a signature sound but never static, a true pioneer from the Plastics onwards – what a fucking tragic loss.

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