Stinky Grooves 28.05.13

Stinky Grooves 28.05.13

monochrome flower warp
Freedom – Luciano ft Nitty Kutchie(Chiney K)
Far From Evil – Teflon (Chiney K)
Don’t Violate – Ginjah (Chiney K)
Talk Talk – Esco (Chiney K)
Mr. Right – Sizzla ft Anthony Red Rose (Chiney K)
Hotta Step Riddim – Chiney K (Chiney K)
Tune In – Thrilla U & Capital D (Bread Back Productions)
Haffi Blaze – Delly Ranx (Bread Back Productions)
Weapons Of War – Louie Culture (Bread Back Productions)
We Run This – Teflon (Bread Back Productions)
Gi Bun – Lukie D (Bread Back Productions)
Ganja Man – Lutan Fyah (Bread Back Productions)
Musical Body – Singing Melody (Bread Back Productions)
The Grass Root Instrumental – Bread Back Productions (Bread Back Productions)
You’ve Been Bad – Errol Dunkley ft Daddy Freddy (Reality Chant/Reality Shock)
Musical Farmer – Chieftan Joseph (Reality Chant/Reality Shock)
Fyah Chant – Louie Culture (Reality Chant/Reality Shock)
Demon Road – Norris Man (Reality Chant/Reality Shock)
Puppet – Bling Dawg (Firehouse)
Teach Dem – Capital D (Firehouse)
Ansa Riddim – Lukie D (Firehouse)
Everyone Get Bun – Thrilla U & Johnny P (Firehouse)
Love My Love – Esco (Firehouse)
Misleaders – I -Wayne (Music House)
Work Man A Work – Ryval (Music House)
Haters – Gyptian (Music House)
Government Suck The Suffrahs – Naram & Sammy Gold (soundcloud)
The Suffrahs Dub The Government – Naram (soundcloud)
Gendjer2 (Copyflex Remix) – Filastine (bandcamp)
Cumbia Alpina (Cumbia Cosmonauts Remix) – The Swiss Conspiracy (bandcamp)
Chupa Chups (Chong X Remix) – Bubbleheads (soundcloud)
El Bailadito Rebajada – Los Andinos (soundcloud)
Cocodrilo – Barrio Lindo (soudncloud)
Boxeo – El Remolon ft. Lido Pimienta (ZZK)
La Maquina – El Remolon (ZZK)
Cumbia Alpina – The Swiss Conspiracy (bandcamp)
So Lustig – The Swiss Conspiracy (bandcamp)
Meter, Pale, Tone – Mt Kimbie ft King Krule (Warp)
Electric Funeral – Jungle by Night x Gaslamp Killer (Kindred Spirits)
Alpha Centauri – Rodion G.A. (Strut)
Beaks of Eagles (Fulgeance Remix) – Kelpe (Drut)
Contours Sway – Larry Gus (soundcloud)
Beaks of Eagles – Kelpe (Drut)
Control Sample – Holly Herndon (Public Information)
Ah, Music – Vinny Roma (Now Again)
Heaven On Their Minds – Sherry and Myrna Emata (Now Again)
Salt – Rodion G.A, (Strut)
Girls – Joss Ryan (soundcloud)
The Oppnonent – RP Boo (Planet Mu)
Informal Sector Parade (Thornato Remix) – Filastine (bandcamp)
Adey – Temesghen Fissehaye (Habesha Poetics)
Babylon Spanking 2 – John Clarke (Wackies)
Come Let’s Go – Wayne Jarrett (Wackies)
Zion Rock – Jerry Johnson (Wackies)
Will Not Bow To Terror (Naram refix) – Sammy Gold (soundcloud)
Orginally – Naram & Shanti D
Imminent Danger – Stepper (Taxi)
Skylla (Remix by Sølyst) – Camera (Bureau B)
In Linistea Noptil – Rodion G.A. (Strut)

We’ll see about getting another Stinkmix up here soon son, maybe this week. In the meantime MAGIC ROUNDABOUT is happening Friday at Verona, I’ll be on from 5 then Dub at 9 and Big Stuff from midnight – it’s the gaffers birthday so this should be a particular good’un. Sunday I’ll be running tunes with Dub again at Tyler Street Garage betwixt 3 & 9pm and they have Lion Rockers Hifi in session on Monday – big week. The Turnaround is making a quick re-appearance at Leigh Saw Mill on Saturday too so this chilly week is looking like the righteous rave up before winter really flings it down proper.

Don’t forget Stinky Grooves is now available as a podcast from Wednesday to Wednesday after the show on the 95bfm site. The show above is available for the next 7 days here.

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