Stinky Grooves 28.07.20

Stinky Grooves 28.07.20

Babylon Fallin – Kabaka Pyramid (One Time Music)
In the park – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Records bandcamp)
Secret Service Dub – Gaudi with Dennis Bovell (Dubmission bandcamp)
When The Lights Go Out – SUCIA! (Towhead Recordings bandcamp)
Poofy Puff – Miss Sweetie (Planet Euphorique bandcamp)
Heying Dub – Gaudi with Dennis Bovell (Dubmission bandcamp)
Dab Dub – Tweety Bongo (Planet Euphorique bandcamp)
Olimpijczyk – Sarmacja (Byrd Out bandcamp)
Come Close – Al Wootton (Trule bandcamp)
Kawo Kada – Dj Die Soon + MC Yallah (Morphine Records bandcamp)
Ghost Love (Tribilin Sound Remix) – El Paso (soundcloud)
Atlántida – DNGDNGDNG (On The Corner bandcamp)
Dae-Boj Demoya (Roman Flugel ‘Kraut’ Remix) – Brigitte Barbu (Circus Company bandcamp)
Clap Clap – Anunaku & DJ Plead (AD 93 bandcamp)
Wheele – Anunaku & DJ Plead (AD 93 bandcamp)
chonki (Roza Terenzi Remix) – RAMZi (FATi Records bandcamp)
Galapagos – Ciel (Naive bandcamp)
malaga trancehall (Bear Bones, Lay Low Gremelin Remix) – RAMZi (FATi Records bandcamp)
Our Reversed Uniforms – Jay Glass Dubs + Spivak (Bercuese Heroique bandcamp)
Annual Harvest – Nice Girl (Public Posssession bandcamp)
Kebabsyra – Elfenberg (Rotten City Records bandcamp)
Days Go By (Instrumental) – Birds Of Pandæmonium (Birds Of Pandæmonium bandcamp)
Słoneczniki – Sarmacja (Byrd Out bandcamp)
Head Above The Parakeets – HAAi (Mute)
Monde De La – Nice Girl (Public Posssession bandcamp)
Rythme Centrique – vromb (Chambre Noir bandcamp)
Never Talking To You Again – A Separate Reality (Our Starry Universe bandcamp)
Starlite Xpress – Al Wootton (Trule bandcamp)
None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive The Streets + IDLES (Island)
Don’t Shoot Guns Down Sault (Forever Living Originals bandcamp)
El Hombre y Sus Circustancias – Los Siquicos Litoraleños (Hive Mind bandcamp)
M-U-S-I-C – Normal Brain (WRWTFWW Records bandcamp)
Tasmania Tapes – Mount Liberation Unlimited  (Body Verse bandcamp)
Moth – Shakey (Palto Flats bandcamp)
Laska – Raumskaya (Hyperboloid bandcamp)
Raddix & Black Boys – Lord Tusk (Lord Tusk bandcamp)
Screamadelica – Primal Scream (Creation Records)

It’s total chance that I decided to play ‘Screamadelica’ to end tonight,  the show was recorded on Friday & Saturday. Sadly Denise Johnson who along with Andrew Weatherall and Primal Scream is responsible for that extended awesomeness passed away today. Obviously ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ is the  biggest of their collaborations but I’ve always felt this title track that wasn’t on the album is yet mightier. Big loss.

Dubhead and myself will be out at Clevedon on Sunday 12.30 to 4.30 and if you are thinking of coming through allow a bit of time for potential village traffic jammery as there has been a lot of crazy gridlock on Sundays of late. On Saturday it’s all about The Other Crate record fair at Allpress in town. Got some gems from the racks ready to head off to new homes, each and everyone featured on Stinky Grooves at some point over the last 30 years, deats below.



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