Stinky Grooves 29.12.09 & some Frikstailer related fine folly

Stinky Grooves 29.12.09 & some Frikstailer related fine folly

Image Kangol flip to the luvverly Belts.

Hold The Line (Frikstailers Rmx) – Major Lazer (Mad Decent)
Government Gone Luuu – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Dem Nuh Care – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Dat Me Love – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Fashion Attack – Konshens (Jukeboxx)
Yu Looking Hot – Lutan Fyah (Jukeboxx)
Nowadays Boopsie – Assassin (Jukeboxx)
History Book – Assassin (Jukeboxx)
Live Mi Life – Romain Virgo (Jukeboxx)
Children A Pree Wee – Tarrus Riley (Jukeboxx)
Whine – Elephant Man (Jukeboxx)
Freelancer Dub – Mikey Dread (Auralux)
Lost In The Supermarket – Wrongtom meets Rockers (Mojo Brand Records)
Piano’s On The Beach – Jaques Renault (Hole In The Sky)
Don’t You Feel Me – Damon (Now Again)
Dandelion – Charlotte Gainsbourg (Because/Elektra)
Heaven Can Wait (Nosaj Thing) – Charlotte Gainsbourg (Because/Elektra)
Evil Man (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Shafiq Husayn (Ubiquity)
Sounclash Pt 2 (Junglist Rise) – Naptha (The Fear)
Ba Ba Boom (oOgun Rmx) – Dub Asylum (Loopy Fruits)
Kingston Town – Radikal Guru (Dubbed Out)
Lost In 3s (DJG Rmx) – Dhyan Moller (Blipswitch Digital)
Blip – Gatekeeper (If Symptoms Persist)
4 – Aardvarck (Bloom 4)
5 – Aardvarck (Bloom 4)
Rust – Peter Pozerek
Viejas Locas vs Benga – Villa Diamante
Jerk Pork – Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
La Rata – Lido Pimienta
Mueve – Lido Pimienta
La Subienda – Sonidero Cordobestia (Cabeza!)
Juego De Shabba – Joelito
Baile Remix – Ricardo Villalobos/Doma Tornadoes
Palo Borracho (Palo Choborra Iszen Rmx) – Iszen (Cabeza!)
C20 Riddim – Tapes (Jahtari)
Duck Butter – Randy Barracuda (Flogsta Dancehall)
Winter Beat – DJ Raff
Wizard Swing Warrior – Benny Blonco (Error Broadcast)
Major Spillage – White Rainbow (Kranky)
Eyen – Plaid (Warp)
Wolf – Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Cathedral With No Eyes (White Rainbow Rmx) – Railcars (Aria Jalali)
Antillas (Bass Clef Rmx) – El Guinicho (Young Turks)
Skylarking (Instr) – Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Tropical Disease – Air (Virgin)

Lucky last of the year and luck, luck lucky I was, as I barely had my head screwed on at the start of the show, and it took a good half hour plus for the resumption of normal service. I blame the muggy weather and the unique AK city atmosphere at this time of year when most have shipped out to the beaches and the relis, and the city is in soft-focus, swing easy mode… well I always find something to blame!

Tonight may I point you towards a couple of cumbia crucialities that won’t cost you a cent but will leave you decidedly, pleasantly bent. First up please make the most appropriate mouse moves towards the Hipi Duki stable where they have flung up Soundamerica #8 which is less cumboid, but no less excellente, than their standard fare. You can find it hear or via the wonderful Generation Bass blog which is an RSS habit I simply couldn’t live without.

I have requested that you avert your internatty gaze towards the stupendously solid Cabeza! netlabel before and dang if I’m not going to do it again. To entice you further I’m posting a Sonidero Cordobestia track (not posted! bloodclaaaaaat Vodafone netnotservice) from their completerley and utterly free and easy, swinging in the wind like nature intended – EP Cumbias Momificadas. Sonidero Cordobestia is actually the frequently wonderful Frikstailers on the quiet, their remix of Hold The Line from the 2009s most overhyped and underperforming album (Mad Decent’s dancehall diabollocks) has finally returned some dignity to a decent (and completely over-remixed) vocal from (Mr) Lexx. Since we started the show with it tonight, might as well fling the frankly foolish video up too so eyes down for that at the finishing flag.

In case anyone’s headed up that way my sets for Music Mountain Matakana are at 4.30 and 9.30 on New Years Eve. I’ll be joined by the his Mightyness The Asterix and that alone is worth a trek in my book, cant wait and am amassing some fresh versions for his perusal and lungulation, there’ll be some cumbia sneaked in there for sure!
This may well be the last post for this year so if it is…. then please accept the sincerest thanks for your patronage, time, indulgence, patience, responses and all the rest through 2009. Who knows I may be more organised and blogging like a man possessed next year, but once again I wouldn’t trouble the bookies with that waft of potential life-changery.

Soundamerica 8 listen on Soundcloud and then download from the mighty Generation Bass
Cabeza! Check all their ‘tapes’ and releases, this is a treasure chest and they seem like nice and decent people too.



LA SUBIENDA – SONIDERO CORDOBESTIA (I’ll get this up when I’m not at dial-up speed, you can download the whole 4 track EP for free from the links above anyway, you wont be disappointed!!)


listening to this Augustus Pablo bootleg as I type, some utter scorchers (and not) on this, has been a bit of a Xmas lazy playlist hogger round our festive gates! check heem.

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