Stinky Grooves 30.05.17

Stinky Grooves 30.05.17

Raggamuffin Soldier – Naram ft Robert Lee (Scotch Bonnet)
Aggro Riddim – Naram (Scotch Bonnet)
News from 2083 – Stand High Patrol (Stand High Records)
Sekkel – Trilion ft Mentor Irie (Scotch Bonnet)
Follow Fashion – Wrongtom Meets The Ragga Twins (Tru Thoughts)
They Wanna Know (Dancehall Dub) – Ghost Writerz (NICE UP!)
Heza – Bartellow & DJ Ground (SVS)
DuaDua (Discoshaman Remix) – Nathan Hall (bandcamp)
Something Dark – Woman’s Aid (bandcamp)
Soray Dub – Lo Kindre (bandcamp)
Ghostly Regenerator Rer Repeter (Bokeh Versions)
Chuwangk Kyuh Hay (thrd mpct) – Paradon’t (Disk)
Roulette – Delia Gonzalez (bandcamp)
Viento Del Bosque (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision) – Nathan Hall (bandcamp)
Après-MIDI – Jex Opolis (bandcamp)
Lamb – System Olympia (bandcamp)
4Q 510-511 – Surly (Polish Juke)
Bad Mind – Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub)
Lamentation – Proc Fiskal (Hyperdub)
Blayboy – Martin Rev (Atlas Réalisations)
Chuqui Chinchay – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Zinabu (Moody Boyz Edit Refix) – Bunzu Soundz (Africa Seven)
Hidden Song – Delia Gonzalez (bandcamp)
Pelomen Vapour 1 – Bola (Skam)
Call Girl – System Olympia (bandcamp)
My Street – Martin Rev (Atlas Realisations)
Touch The Sky – painspeople (bandcamp)
Nnom Mot (Ry9n & Knid edit Over dub) – Douglas Mbida (Africa Seven)
THIRTEEN – Surly (Polish Juke)
Gold Country Vapor – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Beehive (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Mark Lanegan (Heavenly)
A Page in the History Books – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (Lakeshore)
Promesa (Placer County Pride) – Elysia Crampton (The Vinyl Factory)
Shanghai Dreaming – Rer Repeter (Bokeh Versions)
Oppression Part 1 – Diggory Kenrick & The Prophet Allstars (Pressure Sounds)
Care Home (A La Fu & Lotek One Take Dub) – Jacob Yates & The Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (Va Va Records)
Secret Shade – Andy Mac (Idle Hands)

A touch colded tonight and crocked by crookness but nothing that a restorative three hours of olfactory machinations can’t solve, and sure enough they did. This week I am all about and only about the Love Bucket on Friday from 7, as with our monthly Hallertau sessions the smart money says get in early (or swing by late) or you may find there’s no room at the proverbial inn, we busy******!

I wrote some good natured guff about the mighty The Comet Is Coming, who are actually coming but sadly only to the Welli Jazz Fest which I cannot attend because I will be selling my wares and manning a stall at this…


If you’d like to read my frothings, please check here and if you can’t make the gig check their bandcamp for widescreen niceness and beyond groovy jazzmatical signposts (ie Soccer69 etc etc)…….

And while I have you, the delightful and abundantly talented Mz Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette etc has set up a Give A Little page for her next project and typically it’s thoughtfully done and super ultimately worthy. You can have a gander and shake your sheckels, vid below – it’s basically buying in advance and it’s a good thing…don’t let me stop your rushing away to support  quality art right about now.

and here’s the show…………

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