Stinky Grooves 31.03.09 and Zurita-ta-ta-taaaaagh

Stinky Grooves 31.03.09 and Zurita-ta-ta-taaaaagh

Herb Tree – Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Bleep – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Vampire – Chezidek (Massive B)
What You Fighting For – Burro Banton (Massive B)
Informer – Kharri Kill (Massive B)
Nothing Beats A Trail But A Failure – Bugle
Inna Life (Instr) – Bugle
Sweat – Untold (Hot Flush)
Voices From The Night – Late (Disfigured Dubz)
Black Sun – Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Zariak – Joker (Grime Forum Free EP)
Digidesign – Joker (Hyperdub)
Husslin’ – Busy Signal (Birchill)
Tek Back Yard – Beenie Man (Birchill)
Selassie Love Wi – Vybz Kartel (Birchill)
Last Man Standing – Vybz Kartel (Tads)
Nuh Bwoy – Busy Signal (Star Kutt)
Nah Help – Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Tease Treaty Off – Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Hustler – Collie Buddz (Massive B)
No Disturb Sign – Cecile (Danger Zone)
Old Time Hustler – Mr Vegas
Herbman Hustling – RSD
Prophecy – RSD (Angels Egg)
Late Night Blues (DJG bootleg) – Don Carlos
Koto – RSD (Angels Egg)
Saw, Sine, Square – Late (Disfigured Dubz)
What If – Kito (Disfigured Dubz)
Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship) – Boxcutter (Planet Mu)
Radiant – Jamie Vex’d (Planet Mu)
Chainsaw Calligraphy – 16 Bit (Boka)
Arctic Company – Prov (Grime Forum Free EP)
Wot U Got 4 My Pocket – Mz Bratt, Badness & DEvelopment (Lava U/Nit)
2 Far Gone – Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Suicide Cumbia – Zurita
It’s Bigger Than Cumbia – Sonido Del Principe vs Dead Prez
El Botellon – Uproot Andy (Bersa Discos)
Live From Tigre Lounge – Multau Astatke & The Heliocentrics (Strut)
Space Junky – Bosco Delrey (Klash City)
Seven Thousand Pound Bee – Cherrystones (Lo Recordings)
Through Your Mind – The Time & Space Machine (5D)
To All The Wizards In Lockdown – Richard Norris (Lo Recordings)
My Eyes Adore You – Betty Padgett (Luv n Haight)
Let’s Dub It Up – Leo Hall (BBE)
Never Never Never – Betty Padgett (Luv n Haight)
Soulful Times – Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
This Another Festival – Jackie Edwards (BBE)


Who knows? Maybe it’s an end of financial year frenzy, or perhaps it’s the little box of 7″ magic that arrived on the doorstep this very afternoon from the wonderful Jet Set records in Kyoto (and Tokyo… lets not get pedantic), but tonight’s show felt like a scorcher. Though others, (like the increasingly pricey Soundquake), have larger catalogues, Jet Set always seems to have a couple of 45’s I need that I can’t find elsewhere, and their prices and service can’t be beat. I know 7″s are getting harder to come by, and the vast majority of DJs are content to play sterile files,  but that just makes me want to ensure I can get every possible standout sizzler possible. Jet Set also have many local delicacies, like whanged out Nipponese sludgey disco and bizarre hoo-ha that can’t easily be found elsewhere, and currently even a 7″ from Macka Pee, (I was tempted….) Would the Wolverhampton wonderer and veteran UK DJ Macka B be happy about that?
There’s a whole heap of tunes I could have pulled out for a week long run on StinkInc, but for sheer audio audacity it has got to be Zarita’s crazy Cumbiafied take on Suicide’s untouchable ‘Ghost Rider’. It’s one of those so wrong it’s right kinda things, and given my resistance to much of this bish-bosh-bashed together type of tackle which can often be artless and assembly line … well I dig it. I’ve had long bouts of intense Suicide listening over the years, and I’d consider this a song that is really personal to me, so South San Telmo’s Zurita has pulled the rabbit out of the proverbial hat with his minefield gymnastics on this one. 
There’s a free download EP (with a cumbiatronique ‘Stopper’ el masho on there for Cutty fans) that you can pick up legitimately freeeeeee here from the worth checking Cabeza!  bootleg net label, though nothing really comes close to the majestic madness and font of frivolous fun that is the Vega & Rev Argentinian away-day. This has been posted on Mad Decent and/or  some other big billing blog so no doubt everyone and your nan has it, but just in case, mp3 below (just click on the divshare logo to get to the mp3 btw, as some folks are seemingly not familiar).
We’ll get some more cumbia hooha up here soon… and tomorrow I’ll fling up a little double local stinkclusive.



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