Stinky Grooves 31.03.20

Stinky Grooves 31.03.20

Dela Move – Chronixx (Soul Circle Music)
New Race (A Way) – Jah9 + Akala (VP)
Burnt Umber – Youth + Alex Paterson (Youth Meets Jah Wobble bandcamp)
Gold love – Tapes + 7FO (EM Records bandcamp)
Citric motion (Chancha Via Circuito remix) – Glen Velez (soundcloud)
Pusha – Pedro + Kelman Duran (Enchufada bandcamp)
Aceite de piedra – Emiliano Dietzgen (Folcore bandcamp)
Marlenita – Ranil (Analog Africa bandcamp)
Cavalier King Charles – Melingo (Buda Musique)
Kolombia Virus – El Cifickzer (Kumbia Obscura bandcamp)
Santa Maria – Arrabalero (Kumbia Obscura bandcamp)
Smile Today – Kutmah (Hit + Run bandcamp)
Afro Culture – David Arch (Isle OF Jura bandcamp)
Monterrey Paris Texas – Superpitcher + Daniel Maloso (Kompakt bandcamp)
After – Mistakes Are Ok (Hivern Discs bandcamp)
Decider (Benedikt Frey Edit) – The Imbeciles (The Imbeciles)
Le Train De Paris (Jura Soundsystem Edit) – Sapho (Isle OF Jura bandcamp)
Yellow Cover (ft. Ages) – Teebs (Hit + Run bandcamp)
New Edah – Beesmunt Soundsystem (Beesmunt Soundsystem bandcamp)
Yeva – Nicola Cruz (Optimo Music Digital Danceforce bandcamp)
Daze (Missing & Messed Up Mix) – Orb (Cooking Vinyl)
In The Cold – Jeremiah Jae (Hit + Run bandcamp)
LIT freestyle – Dean Blunt (WORLD)
NITRO GIRLS 2 – Dean Blunt + Joanne Robertson (WORLD)
Faith Made of Silk – Nicolas Jaar (Other People bandcamp)
888 – BOA (Styles Upon Stles bandcamp)
Machaca – Arti (Hit + Run bandcamp)
Totem (Hardway Brothers Remix) – Ess O Ess & Saul Richards (Soft Rokcs & Sons bandcamp)
Sleep Will Do – The Belgium (Lapsus bandcamp)
Jealousy zoned – HTRK (HTRK bandcamp)
Destorto – Zebrablood (The Youth Label bandcamp)
Jungle Futura – Puma & The Dolphin (Chambre Noir bandcamp)
Bayne Lay Yihedal – Hailu Mergia (Analog Africa bandcamp)
The Dress (Michal Turtle Remix) – Puma & The Dolphin (Chambre Noir bandcamp)
Tongue Drum – Weird Weather (Whiplash Records bandcamp)
Graudus Vaizdas (Sad View) – Roe Deers (soundcloud)
People Come In – Daniele Patucchi (Isle OF Jura bandcamp)
Unknown Plunderer (Manfredas Remix) – Andrew Weatherall (Byrd Out bandcamp)

Sounds to keep you in. Do stay in and keep an eye on the Stinky Grooves Mixcloud this week for a bit of unlocked time wastery. Talking of time, I’ve had plenty and next week’s show is already looking ridiculously overstuffed like a pungent pinata ready to EXPLODE. Live up all you wonderful people.


Some normality amidst such abnormality. Dos not stop people listening to good music , Im sure I speak on behalf of all your loyal listeners……
Much respect.

You are our musical taonga.
A weekly crochet of sound direction, beats instruction. Our guide, our antidote . Can’t thank you enough for the happiness yo beatsing heart delivers. With ataraxic ardour. We are always waiting. To learn.
Ae. Tēna koe.

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