Stinkzip 1 – El Malodoroso

Stinkzip 1 – El Malodoroso

There’s not a great deal that needs to be said about this mix, so for once I won’t. Flung down in January 2010 this is a bunch of nu cumbia and latino digital sounds predominantly pulled from soundcloud. That’s kind of ironic because the money grubbing ass-hats at soundcloud pulled this mix down because one of the tracks ended up on a comp…schmert. Well mixcloud has it now, and there’s plenty more to explore out there from these artists so please do.

Download link is here ………

01 Villa Donde – King Coya
02 La Subienda -Sonidero Cordobestia
03 Sonando – Sonora
04 Danza Danza – Fantasma
05 Palante Mi Gente – Sonido de La Frontera
06 Cumbia Gualicho – Black Mandingo
07 Juego de Shabba – Joelito
08 La 3ra De Los Toquesitos – Sonido Kumbala
09 This is Real Shit (Bootlegumachine Outbreak Shitty Cumbia Rmx) – Unknown
10 Night (Sonido Del Principe Dub) – Coki & Benga
11 Yo Me Llamo Cumbia – Sonidero Cordobestia
12 La Inconformable – The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
13 Del Gusto por Sonido Changorama – Sonido Changorama
14 Lamento en el norte (Todo sigue igual) – Joel & Rebenga
15 Borracho Y Despeinao – Doma Tornados
16 Confort – Sonido Desconcido
17 Humano (Sonora remix) – Lido Pimienta
18 Mueve – Lido Pimienta
19 Aguita – Bazuko Digital
20 Ze Bula (Chancha Vía Circuito remix) – Figura
21 Murda Sound vs. El General (MushUp NiceNoise) – Dj NiceNoise
22 La Cumbia Es Un Tango – El Hijo De La Cumbia

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