The Naked And Famous – All Of This ..brand new clip

The Naked And Famous – All Of This ..brand new clip

As promised, and with as little pre-amble and prevarication as possible here is the brand new video from The Naked And Famous.

Once again Special Problems have gone above and beyond, not to mention below and several other places, to come up with this visual stunner. A large hug and a pat on the back to New Zealand On Air for yet again coming to the party and bringing the cake, and the cheddar.

Tell a friend, tell several, this is virgin video with viewing figures that are all curvalicious and stuffed full of zeroes right now (but not for long) because it only went up overnight. It will be appearing on the idiots lantern later this week, but I have to say it’s looking pretty damn swivey in HD (highly recommended Mr Selassie). Later this week we’ll have a post up to tell you how you can get your hands on this track, it’s incredeeeble spambient remix by James Duncan, and the magic manic minute of Pace..hold thyself tightly.

The Naked And Famous – All Of This (Round Trip Mars 2009)

Oh and this is post #99 on StinkInc, it looks like the Hudson Mohawke interview will be taking the #100 spot, but we do have some specialness a-brewing for the year anniversary of this here blog which is less than a fortnight away..can i say woop? and woop! Indeed I can.

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