Xmas Aromatherapy + NO Stinky Grooves from me tonight.. but a treat instead

Xmas Aromatherapy + NO Stinky Grooves from me tonight.. but a treat instead

Yus, as you can see above tis the last Aromatherapy of the year ,and we are coming correct on Thursday with a bumper bag of new and tested crucialities. Hope to see you there, kicking off at 8.30 as per usual (back in the 2nd week of Jan btw)

What is not usual is that I shall be skiving from Stinky Grooves tonight. Takes a lot to do that and the Gorillaz line-up is plenty unusual and worth breaking the habit of a lifetime for. Fortunately the Rt Hon Dubhead has agreed to step in and man the reins, so those unfortunates who will not be braving the Vector should be plenty looked after. A tad bummed I won’t get to hear what Pat has for you, but I shall be returning the favour on the Rhythm Selection on January 10th so it’s evens shakin’ stevens, and I’ll be back next week with a double dose of stinks and grooves to help us all through the seasonal sprawl.

All being well I should be chucking up a few words about the Gorillaz gig in the next day or two but if you’ve been umming and aahing about going …. get it together..tix still available and as far as I’m concerned there will be more worthwhile talent assembled on that stage tonight than the sum total of all the repugnant, low aiming business ventures … erm festivals that are imminent… Snooze and lose, sleep and weep – this will be the first time I’ve seen Mick Jones and Paul Simonon on the same stage since July 18, 1982…. and I’m FUCKING EXCITED about that (let alone the rest, the Little Dragons, the HBEs etc etc etc)

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