Mixcloud maniaaaaaaaaagh – lose a day or two with some glorious mix up & blendy busyness

Muziek cassette

Here is yet another post I’ve been keening to do for ages (yes yes I know keening doesn’t really exist as a a word in that sense – but I was going to say meaning, and then thought keenly, and then – before you know it – well …keening!) that could be construed as feast following famine on the blog tip and maybe even just a brief graze around the eye of the storm as I suspect things are going to get foolish again soon – so I’m making hay while the sun shines. OK I’ll stop with the proverby prattling and gratuitous waving of the old linguistic license, it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to write casually… as you can probably tell!

Hanyways to the point… alongside the growing ranks of Stinkmixes and Stinkbombs there is a veritable plethora of superior ear nourishment to be found on Mixcloud. With Soundcloud seemingly becoming more babylonian. draconian and spirit-crushingly typical by the month, especially in regards to mixes/tracks/anything containing what their shitty detection gear thinks might, possibly be, on the right day, and in the right light – a copyright infringement – it feels like there is some slight usurping going on. I could rah on for days about folks worth following and mixes that will broaden your horizons as well as wining up your waist – but here’s a couple that deserve, nay demand, a bit of your luxurious lughole love.

Maiden Hong Kong | Watching Boys Cry by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

From the home team, and I can’t front, I helped out a little on the nuts and bolts of these.. Cherry Sprinkles/Maiden Hong Kong has got it going on..IN TRIPLICATE!! Changes from day to day but I think this Watching Boys Cry might be my personal pick o’ the bunch, they all have some faves and classics but this’un has got dynamite at every junction (**** – check Laila’s Dream by Frederic Klein originally from the Stereo Total album – it really doesn’t get much better)

Maiden Hong Kong | a bit of alright… by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

A Bit Of Alright goes some way back and has so many rosy cheeked scorchers amongst its ranks, it’s like graduation day at Charm School. No 2nd handyness for this selection but plenty of (then) contemporary high grade grooves (**** don’t sleep on the criminally under-rated and brill named DJ Bombjack – every one a stunner – his records were always hard to find but truly worth the pursuit… hard to say that about a digital file!)

Stalkeyes by Cherry Sprinkles on Mixcloud

Who knows what is going on with a title like Stalkeyes?? Not me..but the music is 110% understandable and muy simpatico (**** Dub It Red by Royal Appointment is a lurking gem on the Tummy Touch label, not sure that I’m really down with any of the other Royal Appointment stuff but this particular mix is straight out moida!)

Music For Lonely Bartenders / The Piano Has Been Drinking (And Me) by Rodi + Kava on Mixcloud

Was a delight to absorb this little gem from ex-pat good hats in Berlin – Rodi Scratch 22 and His Kava-lyness. Top shelf all the way, melodic single malt (**** whole heap of quality tunage but always especially good to see one of my top 5 Moondog songs sharing a palatial audio apartment with PJ Harvey, James Pants and Marvin Gaye etc etc!)

I should really try and do this more often..like so many things (time machine already, please) but fill your boots with the above, can’t go wrong. We may be on a roll here so if there are more postings in the days to come please don’t be alarmed.

Bobby Womack – imminent and unmissable – we have tickets to give away

As I’m sure, or at least I very much hope – all Aucklandites will be aware – the great Bobby Womack is touching down this Saturday night for a show at the mighty Civic – this promises to be something rather incredibly special. It looks like work is going to take me out of the picture for this gig personally, but that doesn’t preclude me from having a rah about it and GIVING AWAY 5 FREE TICKETS..only and exclusively on stinkyjim.com. So read on because I’m not sure folks are quite ready for the calibre of band Mr Womack has with him, and at the end we’ll let you know how you can score a name pon door for this momentous event!

First up.. check this

Screen shot 2013-05-01 at 5.20.59 PM

Now if that isn’t enough food for thought to get your metaphorical gobs drooling – check out who is in the band and who they’ve played with…hold onto your hats and read on…Tickets to win at the conclusion protrusion.

Rustee Allen (born March 13, 1953 in Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.) is an American musician best known as the bass guitar player for the influential funk band Sly and the Family Stone from 1972 to 1975. Allen replaced founding Family Stone member Larry Graham, who was forced out of the band and went on to start his own, Graham Central Station.
Allen has also played bass with a number of other artists, including George Clinton, Lenny Williams, The Temptations, and Lighthouse for the Blind. He led his own group, the jazz fusion band Second Wind, from 1977 to 1978. Since 1994, Allen has played bass for Bobby Womack. In 2006, Allen performed with Sly & the Family Stone at the 48th Grammy Awards.[2] Allen is currently working on a solo CD entitled Psychic Change, to be issued on his own label, Rustee Nails.

William “Bubba” Bryant (Drums) Laying down a solid foundation is how drummer William “Bubba” Bryant approaches every musical situation from Funk to Rhythm and Blues, from Pop to Jazz. Bubba started playing drums at the early age of five. He later trained as a classical percussionist at Tennessee State University and Eastern Illinois University. His talents and musical style have been recognized throughout the music industry. Bubba has toured and recorded with many of today’s major artists including George Benson, the Crusaders, Roberta Flack, Bobbie Womack, Norman Brown, Jermaine Jackson, Ronnie Laws and many others.

Tony Flores (percussion) Born in Benaguasil (Valencia). He studied music at the Conservatory of Music in Valencia with Manuel Thomas, Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid with Enrique Llácer “Regoli” Joan Iborra, Javier Benet, and J. Maria Martin Porras and Rotterdams Conservatorium (Netherlands), Robert Van Sice marimba. He has collaborated with various orchestras and chamber ensembles Spanish. Founding member of Perku-Va. He has participated in recordings and radio and television programs in Spain, Croatia, Mexico and Argentina.

Altrinna Grayson (back up vocals)

This lady can sing, really sing, and indeed she did on the classic 1985 Wilton Felder / Bobby Womack collaboration ‘No Matter How High I Get’. You no believe – best check these!

Nate Lapointe (guitar)
  Nate LaPointe began playing guitar at age 5. By age 9 he was playing solo at festivals and by age 14 he was playing clubs with his father in the band the 2 of them started. A combination of growing up in Laramie, Wyoming and his father’s passion for music, Nate was exposed to a wide variety of music ranging from jazz to classical to rock to country. At age 15, he took the jazz road which eventually led him to California Institute of the Arts(1996-2000) where he earned his BFA in jazz guitar after studying with such greats as Larry Koonse, Joe LaBarbera, and Clay Jenkins. Currently Nate performs with various groups throughout Los Angeles and the world ranging from the Jeff Jensen Blues Band to Cubensis (a Grateful Dead tribute) to Roxy Especial (a latin/pop phenomenon) to (of course) 60’s soul/R&B legend Bobby Womack.

Michael Davis (Trumpet)  Rahmlee Michael Davis, trumpeter, composer, arranger, producer, Chicago native, recorded early in his career as a studio musician with such labels as Brunswick, Chess, Dakar, Curtom, Columbia and Capitol Records just to name a few. Rahmlee has recorded with such noble artists as: Earth, Wind & Fire, Phil Collins, The Jacksons, Tyrone Davis, Frida (of ABBA), Jackie Wilson, The Whispers, Michael Jackson, Stanley Turrentine, The Sylvers, Side Affect, Rodney Franklin, B.B. King, The Chi-Lites, Barbara Acklin, The Artistics, Gene Chandler, Tupac Shakur, Curtis Mayfield, Snoop Dogg, Donny Hathaway, Ramsey Lewis, Young-Holt Unlimited, Minnie Riperton, Philip Bailey, The Emotions, Klique, Charles Earland, Macy Gray, Bobby Womack, Al McKay & The L.A. All Stars/The Earth, Wind & Fire Experience and countless others. Rahmlee appears on most of these recordings in conjunction with the ORIGINAL Earth, Wind & Fire horn section; independently known as “The Phenix Horns Esquire.”

Chazzy Green (sax) A highly acclaimed international musician whose charisma and creativity captivates music lovers of all ages.
Detroit born Charles “Chazzy”   Green,   initially received classical training in CLARINET and FLUTE. However, something deep inside beckoned to his spirit. Later he switched to ALTO and TENOR SAXOPHONES and began to explore blues, rock, jazz and fusion. While attending   Howard University to study music,   Chazzy discovered that his musical roots extended back to his grandfather who had played trumpet in an all Black brass band in the 1920’s. He subsequently found that his families artistic traits stretched out to include other family members who were   well known in the music industry. Specifically, Lester Bowie and Byron Bowie,esteemed musical legends and founders of   The Art Ensemble Of Chicago . Chazzy’s musical influences included   Sonny Stitt, Cannonball Adderley and Eddie Harris on saxophone, as well as Earth Wind and Fire , Kool and The Gang , Ohio Players and Jimi Hendrix .

Having established his rich musical past and armed with a #2 hit as a member of the group Nature’s Divine , Chazzy left Howard and headed for Los Angeles. Upon arriving there, Ray Parker Jr . took him under his wing and showed Chazzy the musical ropes, L.A. style.   Parker’s unrivaled guitar work can be heard on Chazzy’s new release The Funky Sax Man. Chazzy also met and became friends with Howard Hewitt . They hit it off so well that Chazzy played in Hewitts band. He also toured with the Brand New Heavies, Tracie Spencer, Caron Wheeler, DJ Quik, WAR, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Cameo, The Brothers Johnson, and Bobby Womack whom he is currently on tour with.

Bernard Baisden (trombone)

Brian Mantz (trumpet)

Alex Marlowe (Keys)

Lisa K. Coulter (backup vocals)

I have no doubt there is plenty up on Mr Womack etc elsewhere so we’ll leave that alone but how about that band!!!!!!! Incidentally if you want the ups on Bobby himself then unsurprisingly the guvnor of the land of the good groove – Mr Murray Cammick – should be your first port of call. Check Murray’s natter with Womack Snr on 95bFM here it’s well worthy of your time.

Soooo I have 5 tickets to give away to this very special one off event. All you need to do is send me a direct message (use the contact button up in the top right hand quadrant – under the search/above dropbox cobber) with your email address, and the names of your favourite 3 artists mentioned above out of the veritable legion of legends that the folks in Bobby Womack’s band have played with. Priority will go to anyone who has left a comment on the site so if you have.. please remind me!

I’m very grateful to be able to give these tickets away courtesy of MuchMore Music so max respect in their direction, and please mail it up to me and don’t miss out on this gig – win or lose –  and maybe we’ll have more stuff to give away in the future.

Mother’s Day Massiveness at Tyler Street Garage – TODAY FROM 3!!

Late notice to be sure but that’s how it flies in non-facebook/twitter-free land. Should you be escorting your Ma in honour of today’s big up the gals with productive uteruses day – or should you just be looking for some fine rooftop reggaematical hooha on what is looking like a bit of an autumn scorcher of a day I’ll be doing a marathon 6 hours at TSG from 3 to 9 today.

No guests this week,  as this came a bit last minute, but I have the Gregory Isaacs revsisted CD from Curtis Lynch, some Beres, and Dennis, and Sanchez and all the Mum stuff as well as the rest. It’s free, they have ales and eats so Gwaaan Mammy!

Giggery update – This week we will mostly be stinking at

Hokay – we have sorted out the Thursday dilemma – no Neil Young or Fred Wesley for me (but if you are not headed to Golden Dawn I’d recommend either or both) I will be spinning tunes at Golden Dawn on Ponsonby/Richmond Road from 7-11, followed by the Yams Jams wallahs.
On Friday it’s time to boing yer Zebadee and don your Dougal for a revolution or two on the Magic Roundabout at Verona. I’ll be doing from 5-9 and then someone choice like Tim or Dub etc etc will be following….. can’t say this enough – Come on in and have a drink/munch and we will do the biz for your lugholes guaranteed……….


Magic Roundabout – This Friday at Verona

Not only is the mighty Verona (now in reasonably nouveau hands and just quietly going off.. in a good way)  sponsoring Stinky Grooves, but I’m going to be running tunes there on the regular, every Friday from 5pm til 9. So it’s aperitif audio, dining delights & early evening excellence from broad across the board – it would be utterly magnificent to see any of yous for an earful and possibly a mouthful and bellyful to boot. Verona is licensed till dawn so my contribution will just be the building blocks for big nights and with Dub, Tim et al lined up to follow from week to week – well boo and yah!
Can’t wait for Friday……….


New Weatherall alert!!! Man the headphones…


Out right now digitally (including lossless here) and very soon on vinyl and ye olde compact disque (here) Ruled By Passion, Destroyed By Lust is 78 minutes of Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J. Fairplay indulging in 80’s coated, well oiled, robot soul music of the very highest order.
The pair undoubtedly have their own distinctive (and decidedly deadly) vibe but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is part, and a progression, of the continuum with A Pox On The Pioneers and .. if he wasn’t before…. Weatherall sounds like he’s hitting new peaks yet again. Blimey!
Maybe I’ll do a review when I’ve had a few listens or perhaps I’ll just rave and carry on like the dribbling fanboy I undoubtedly am.
There’s a new Weatherall mix here. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet as I’ve been wrapping my lugholes around the Asphodells but no doubt it’s bostin, or at the very least interesting and testing. Yay to all of that.
As the Asphodells picture below shows Weatherall is tres hirsute and quite the distinguished gentleman in the apparel area these days…. However I’ve been going through a few old snaps….


it wasn’t always like that. Check out this pair of cheeseballs !

Weatherall bfm

From when he guested on Stinky Grooves in 199? (and I’m wearing a T-shirt from NZ’s finest record store Ebony Records no less…so that dates it)
More posts and a new stinkmix soon……….

Stinky Grooves 15.01.13


Grow Your Natty - Chronixx (soundcloud)
Di Youth Dem Freestyle - Chronixx (soundcloud)
Me Alone - Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor (Big Ship)
L.S.L. (Live Some Life) Remix - Chino & Kardinal Offishall (Big Ship)
Mystery History - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Bedroom Bully - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Corner Shop Riddim (Instrumental) - 21st Hapilos / Adde (21st Hapilos Digital Productions)
Jewel Island - Yahmedle (soundcloud)
Shis Kebab (Ali Baba Et Ses 4 Voleurs) - Solo Moderna (soundcloud)
Dogdub Meets The Mighty Ilodica - 3spring - Dogdub (CDR)
Dub Is The Only Way - The Breadwinners (King Spinna)
When It A Go Dub - The Breadwinners (King Spinna)
Get Ready To Talk -Stinky Jim (soundcloud)
The Force - Tokimonsta ft Kool Keith (Ultra Records)
2 Step (Apex Version) - SuperHelpful (Dat Piff)
Lawns I Like - SuperHelpful Lawns I Like ftJoey Badass, Kirk Knight, Cj Fly (160) (Dat Piff)
The Help - SuperHelpful (Dat Piff)
A Simple Man - Action Bronson (free)
Pink Matter Remix - Frank Ocean ft Andre 3000 & Big Boi (Def Jam)
Representin (Remix) - Ludacris Ft R.Kelly & Fabolous (Def Jam)
Playground Vocal (Album Edit) - Slew Dem (No Hats, No Hoods)
Something 2 Say - Totems (bandcamp)
BEING - Totems (bandcamp)
Fabric Of Space - 1991 (Astro;Dynamics)
Promise - Mi Kolours (bandcamp)
Raven Banner - Vessel (soundcloud)
Drums & Synths - John Talabot as T&J (Hivern)
Basement Love (Richard Fearless Rmx) - Bot'Ox (I'm A Cliche)
Bells - Falty DL (Ninja Tune)
Magnetic – Daniel Avery & Deadstock 33s (Optimo Music)
Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) - Allah-Las (Innovative Leisure)
Food (French Cooking In The UK) Cornershop Mix - The Lovely Eggs (Ample Play Singhles Club)
All The Wanting - Slim Twig (Calico Corp)
Who Did That To You? - John Legend (Universal)
Baia - Cults Percussion Ensemble (Trunk)
Rain - Ras G (soundcloud)
Lam Yao Salab Teoy - Banyen Rakkaen (Zudrangma)
Diew Sor Lom Pat Prao [Wind Blowing the Coconut Tree] - Thonghuad Faited feat. Thongmee Chamnipa, Khunpan (Zudrangma)
Fuck Ehud Barak (Part 1) - The Rootsman / Muslim Gauze (The Muslimgauze Preservation Society)
Horóscopo - Motivado (soundcloud)
Mutron Melody - Acid Pauli (Clown & Sunset)
Snap - Nosaj Thing (Innovative Leisure)
Tsunami - Benoît Widemann (Ballon Noir)
La Ruleta Veinte Trece – DJ Pase (soundcloud)
Vaina - Chancha Via Circuito (Free on ZZK)

New mix and some refreshed links to the old ones on the way in the next day or two. New tune from me below, please feel free to download, stream or avail yourself of it in whatever way you fancy. Arriba.....................